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May 26, 2018—there hadn’t been a swell like this at Cloudbreak since 2012, another memorable day when Ramón Navarro paddled into one of the best barrels ever ridden. “We were all crazy thinking about it for all these years,” he recounts, “and this time, with my friend Kohl Christensen, we had a plan to wait for the biggest wave of the day. We waited for two hours out the back for this one, and it was the best wave of my life, even if it was a tow-in. It was one of those times when dreams come true. A thousand thanks to Kohl—without his patience and years of experience, this never would have come to pass.”

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Going Left

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Gerry Lopez and Wayne Lynch have spent most of their lives looking forward—especially when they were finding new lines in the tube and on the face. But the two surfers sat down to take a look back, swapping stories about influence, innovation and how surfing taught them to go left when the whole establishment was going right.

Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening

By Liz Clark

A decade ago, Captain Liz Clark set sail for the South Pacific on her 40-foot sailboat, Swell. Sharing tales of wind, waves and the learning that lies beyond the horizon, this book tells the story of Liz’s voyage in her own honest and open-hearted words.

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As Patagonia employees, our Global Sport Activists are using their roles in the surf community to drive positive social and environmental change.

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The Point is Forever

We’re proud to announce that the iconic headland at Punta de Lobos has been preserved forever. Known as the Mirador, the threatened property at the tip of the point has now been purchased and transferred to the locally based Fundación Punta de Lobos. But with an ongoing vision for the future, the Fundación is still in need of support.

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PSI (Personal Surf
Inflation) Vest

Working with our ambassadors and many of the world’s best big wave riders, our R&D team developed the PSI (Personal Surf Inflation) Vest to help increase safety in heavy waves.

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