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A growing number of scientists and activists are convinced that the way to protect our environment is through the preservation of entire ecosystems. While many groups we support are working on distinct pieces of the environmental puzzle, the groups listed in this section are working to fit those pieces together to protect large landscapes of vibrant biodiversity.

Total given in this category in fiscal year 2013: $1,682,554

Center for Human Rights and Environment
Paseur S/N Barrio Lago Azul, Sta Cruz del Lago, Punilla
Cordoba, 5152 Argentina
T: 5.49E+12

Grant Amount:$5,000.00

The Center for Human Rights and Environment promotes harmony between the environment and people, in Argentina and around the world, by fostering public policy for socially and environmentally sustainable development, community participation and stronger democratic institutions.

Miistakis Institute
c/o EVDS - University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N1N4 Canada
T: 4032208968

Grant Amount:$8,000.00

The Miistakis Institute promotes healthy communities and landscapes in the Crown of the Continent ecosystem of Montana, British Columbia and Alberta, by studying the environment and helping to make innovative research accessible to communities and decision-makers.

Raincoast Conservation Society/Foundation
P.O. Box 311
Sidney, British Columbia 98280-0311 Canada
T: 2506551229

Grant Amount:$15,000.00

This team of conservationists and scientists is working to protect the lands, waters and wildlife of coastal British Columbia through advocacy, science, applied ethics and grassroots activism.

Shark Truth
1273 Clark Drive, #200
Vancouver, British Columbia V5L 3K6 Canada
T: 6047230134

Grant Amount:$7,100.00

Shark Truth aims to reduce the consumption of shark fin products in Canada by creating opportunities for the Chinese Canadian community to help conserve the ocean and sharks.

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