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Freedom to Roam
Photo: Barry & Cathy Beck

Founded by Patagonia in 2007, Freedom to Roam is a self supporting coalition of business, government, and conservation groups working together to conserve wildlife corridors across North America.

Its goal is to create, restore and protect wildways or corridors between habitats so animals can survive. Join us in this fight to help animals survive in a warming world.

Over the first three years of its work, Freedom to Roam identified and mapped 400 corridors in Freedom to Roam’s Corridor Commons program and engaged over 1,200 citizen naturalists in its Witness for Wildlife initiative. The first ocelot discovered in southern Arizona (the first ever recorded in the state) was photographed by a camera trap set by the Sky Island Alliance through Witness for Wildlife.

You can learn more about Freedom to Roam’s current work by going to The science is clear and our options limited. Corridors are essential to help animals adapt to climate change. We hope you will partner with us and continue to support the Freedom to Roam Coalition and their Witness for Wildlife program.

Freedom to Roam Essays

Spring 2010
The One Thing Wolverines Can't Take On by Douglas H. Chadwick

Heart of Winter 2010
Speaking Freedom to Roam by Rick Ridgeway

Winter 2009
Coming Back by Rick Bass
Love Your Mother – Mother Nature – And All Her Creatures by Tom Brokaw

Holiday 2009
Coming Back by Kris Tompkins

Fall 2009
Walking with Pronghorn by Rick Ridgeway

Kids' Fall 2009
Monarchs, Migration and Tiny Tags by Sue Halpern

Late Summer 2009
George Archibald: Dances with Cranes by Scott Weidensaul

Summer 2009
A Grey Whale Migration Story by Dick Russell

Spring 2009
Ranching with Grizzlies by Ted Kerasote

Winter 2008
Finding Space for Tule Elk by Michael Fay

Kids' Fall 2008
Escape to a Wilder Wild by Carin Knutson

Fall 2008
Hermits of the Big Wild by Karsten Heuer

Late Summer 2008
The Return of the Moose by Bill McKibben

Summer 2008
Baja Hope by Carl Safina

Spring 2008
The Wolverine Way by Douglas H. Chadwick

Heart of Winter 2008
Paths to Survival by Rick Ridgeway
A Bear's Journey: Traveling 50 Miles Back Home by Patagonia with Doug and Andrea Peacock

Patagonia Exclusive
The Bear Who Crossed The Freeway by Doug and Andrea Peacock
Our Cause by Bill McKibben