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What goes up must come down-at least for a little. Patagonia alpine ambassador Kate Rutherford enjoys a decidedly non-alpine trail run along the coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i. MIKEY SCHAEFER

If you can't find a piece of gear that meets your needs, you make your own. Once a guiding principle for climbing legend, Yvon Chouinard, it became a cornerstone of the company he would later found. Seeing a need for comfortable, high-quality footwear with a lighter environmental impact, we've taken the lessons learned from over 30 years of making outdoor clothing and applied them to our Performance and Casual shoes.

Flex and Support:

Soft Support/Flex
Soft Support/Flex
Our lightest weight and most flexible shoes allow for the foot to move as naturally as possible, while still providing essential cushioning and protection.

Medium Support/Flex
Medium Support/Flex
The middle path is more structured and supportive. Our reinforced midsole is designed to help guide the foot from heel-strike to toe-off.

Firm Support/Flex
Firm Support/Flex
For those who require the most structure in their shoes, these styles have the firmest support available within our present line.


Better Leather
Better Leather
Keeping true to our mission statement – build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm – we believe that leather is currently the best material available for footwear. We have found that other materials don’t offer the same levels of durability, breathability and foot protection that leather provides. Leather is also a by-product of the meat industry. If we don’t use the hides they will end up in landfills where they could take hundreds of years to erode.

We work with two groups who demand that the minimal environmental footprint in the tanneries we use be monitored and at least maintained, if not reduced.

1. The Leather Working Group (LWG) sets industry benchmarks and audits tanneries for performance. The LWG has developed and maintains a protocol that assesses compliance and environmental business practices, publishes comparative performance scores and helps tanneries work to improve environmental performance.

2. The ISO 14001 standard is a second, non-industry specific standard which we reference as a first step in selecting our leather suppliers.

Vegan Friendly
Vegan Friendly
We offer a number of shoes that are made without any animal by-products – solvents are water-based, uppers are synthetic or natural fibers. PETA named Patagonia Footwear “Best Outdoor Vegan Shoe Retailer” in its sixth annual Proggy Awards.

PrimaLoft® Eco
Eco insulation technology combines 50% recycled material with PrimaLoft virgin fibers to create a high-loft, thermally efficient insulation. PrimaLoft Eco is lightweight and water resistant with superior softness to keep you dry and comfortable.


Eco Step
During the shoe-manufacturing process, scrap rubber is left on the cutting-room floor. But that doesn’t mean it has to end up in the landfill. A number of our soles are made with Ecostep, a Vibram®-formulated compound that uses up to 30% recycled scrap rubber that would otherwise be thrown away. Ecostep is highly abrasion resistant and provides great traction in all kinds of weather and terrain.

Vibram Trek compound is formulated for an ideal balance between the competing needs of grip for secure traction, and abrasion-resistance for extended durability, whether on earthen trails or rock and mixed terrain. Its characteristics are optimized for the lug shapes and sizes typical on multisport and hiking footwear. GM100 is Vibram’s stickiest moldable compound for measurably superior grip on dry and wet surfaces – ideal for aggressive bouldering, approach or canyoneering.

Latex from Hevea Milk
Hevea Natural Latex
The latex we use in our outsoles comes from the milk of hevea trees. The extracting process is beneficial to the tree because it allows space for new milk production. Hevea natural latex provides a natural cushion underfoot which helps us to tread lighter and be more comfortable doing so.

Recycled Rubber
Recycled Rubber
Flashing is the excess rubber that squeezes out between the parts of a mold when compressed. We collect flashing rubber off the factory floor and use it in some of our outsoles – up to 20% of the rubber in our recycled rubber outsoles is flashing rubber. Recycled rubber outsoles perform great and tread lightly.

Resoling Program
Now there's no need to go out and purchase a new pair of shoes after spending time outdoors molding them to the perfect fit. Through a partnership with Mountain Soles we now offer the option of resoling to help us sustain the lifecycle of your shoes. To have your shoes resoled, or to see which shoes qualify for resoling, please visit Mountain Soles:

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3DM Midsole

Advanced Support for Women. Our 3DM midsole provides proper support and minimizes over-correction by addressing the different gate cycle that a woman’s foot goes through with every step.

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