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Job Title: Product Quality Engineer –Technical Line
Reports to: Product Quality Engineer Manager
Date: January 2014
Location: Ventura, CA
To apply, email Email your résumé with cover letter and voluntary identification form to Ventura Jobs. Download the Voluntary Self Identification Questionnaire.

Please indicate the specific position you are applying for either in the email subject line, and/or in your cover letter; if sending in a general application, please indicate it as such. Try to keep the size of your email under 500K (including attachments).

General Summary:
The Product Quality Engineer -Technical Line ensures that all Company technical products are carefully reviewed and revised during the development process so that they meet the Company’s quality requirements. In addition, s/he stays in close contact with the Quality Analyst and all QC staff to know when products are not performing to specifications or to customer’s satisfaction. This knowledge is, in turn, incorporated into the product review and revision process. The Quality Engineer also works with Development and Design to develop and manage Product Toolboxes and Standards to further the continued progression for best-in–class product. The Product Quality Engineer assures that all products follow the Company’s Ethos to achieve the Company’s overall quality efforts.

Essential Job Functions:
o Work as a consultant for Development, PLD, Material Development, and Design to establish agreements and standards that render the highest quality garments possible.
o Review every new and redesigned, category-specific product at critical stages of development to ensure that quality and durability requirements are met.
o Review appropriateness of all materials and trims used in products.
o Help resolve product design and development issues raised during product reviews and ensure timely development of all products.
o Input all review comments and requests for revisions into the PLM database for review and follow-up.
o Collaborate and manage with appropriate teams to develop and launch Product Category Toolboxes and Product Quality Standards to align all Patagonia products to meet or exceed the Company’s level of product quality.
o Create Standard Committees surrounded by specific product categories, and present new and updated Standards to Development, Design, Fabric Development within the company.
o Communicate the quality status of all technical styles to the Product Quality Engineer Manager.
o Create monthly reports regarding the status of reviews and the percentage of products reviewed during development.
o Responsible for keeping abreast of new product technologies, processes, industry trends and changes in constructions and equipment. Suggest changes to products based on this knowledge of new methods and equipment.
o Responsible for keeping abreast on industry product construction methods of competitor brands within and outside the Outdoor industry.
o Work with all Product and Customer Service-Oriented teams, including: Design, Development, Product Management, Production and Customer Service to help resolve all identified quality and service issues.
o Serve as an adjunct to the Company’s Product Quality Engineer Manager. Participate in all Quality Management activities, including the development and refinement of company standards, application of Quality Management philosophy, and management of the Company’s overall quality efforts.

Physical Requirements:
o Ability to sit/stand for extended periods of time.
o Ability to look at a computer screen for extended periods of time.
o Color correct vision.
o Ability to maintain a composed and professional demeanor within a flexible (and at times noisy) work environment.
o Ability to travel as needed utilizing various methods of transportation.

Minimum Job Qualifications:
o Relevant undergraduate, graduate education and/or extensive on the job training and education in Quality concepts and methods.
o Minimum 7 years experience
o Thorough knowledge of garment construction and patternmaking gained through extensive work experience.
o A working knowledge of raw materials used in the garment and footwear industry. Knowledge of yarn types, fabric constructions, knitting, weaving, dyeing and finishing.
o Basic understanding of Quality Management and Statistical Quality Control concepts and practices, based on work experience or study.
o Working knowledge of computers with experience using such programs as: Adobe, PLM, Browsers, Word, Excel, and Outlook.
o Able to work independently, but also comfortable with team-based work structure; ability to demonstrate flexibility on the job.
o Demonstrates initiative, is conscientious and provides complete follow-through on areas of responsibility.
o Exceptional analytical and organizational skills.
o Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Employee Conduct:
It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors.