Undiluted Experience

The way people live tells the story of who they are. And if you’ve listened long enough, you’ll know there are as many stories as there are waves.

The stories we’ve always been drawn to are the unfiltered ones that take us out of the usual and predictable and into the freedom and wildness of the natural world. We’ve never been too interested in the expectations of the mainstream or, for that matter, in tanning on a towel while a good swell wraps around the point. We believe in direct experience that immerses us in the elements we love.

Since the beginning, we’ve followed two complementary paths: building innovative, long-lasting and high-performing gear for land and sea, and doing all we can to limit our impact on our world’s limited resources. In fact, we’ve written those twin paths into our Mission Statement:

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Over the last few years, we’ve interpreted that mission through the wide-angle lens of the modern surfing life. In women’s surfwear, an industry driven almost exclusively by image, we start with function: from board shorts and bikinis for dedicated warm-water shredding to fleece and wetsuits for colder coasts, Patagonia® products are built to perform. We look to our surfers for input from their travels, partnering with them to make gear that meets the needs of the most passionate waveriders—whether sliding sand-bottomed waves on a cyclone swell, charging top-tobottom beachbreak on a swing through Central America or slapping new paint on a dry-docked sailboat in a sun-blasted South Pacific boatyard. While most companies see shorts and swimsuits as poolside accessories, we build practical yet beautiful tools for a life spent chasing swell.

Our Women’s Surf line offers our best and most diverse collection yet. In these pages, we’ll introduce some of our new designs—they blend form and function in equal measure and, if you ask us, they’re downright sexy. These are meticulously made clothes that will stay with you for years, and bikinis and board shorts that stay on when you’re planing into bodysurf barrels or getting worked by closeouts at a Nicaraguan beach.

We’re proud of our gear and the way we make it, but in the end, it’s not the gear that really matters. It’s the travels and explorations, the new discoveries and late drops, the split-second flashes of undiluted fun that make all the crap jobs, chilly mornings and cramped road trips more than worthwhile.

We’ve got our stories—you’ll see some of them in this catalog—but it’s our hope that Patagonia Surf products serve you faithfully as you set out to live your own.