Yulex® Wetsuits

Men's Wetsuits
Men's Wetsuits
Women's Wetsuits
Women's Wetsuits
  • Unnatural

    Light, warm and ultrastretchy, our Yulex® wetsuits combine maximum performance and minimum harm–with no compromise to either.

More Stretch
Improved Fit
Lighter Weight
More Comfort
Guaranteed Durability
  • From a natural source.

    We’re dedicated to building the best wetsuits—but also to causing the least possible environmental harm. Three years ago we introduced the first neoprene-free suits, and now we’ve taken more steps to reduce the impact of wetsuit manufacturing.

Yulex® Natural Rubber
FSC® Certified
Solution-Dyed Linings
Less CO2
AquaA™ Glue
Recycled Polyester
  • The Only Fair Trade Certified™ Wetsuits

    We’ve worked with Sheico, the world’s leading wetsuit manufacturer, to introduce Fair Trade to the wetsuit industry. It sends more money back to the people who make our gear, and ensures that the factory complies with Fair Trade USA’s standards for safe and healthy working conditions.

The Lineup

  • Our Wetsuit

    Unique in the surf industry, we stand behind everything we make—including our wetsuits. However, wetsuits require care if they’re going to perform and wear as intended throughout their expected lifetime. See our wetsuit warranty form for further details.

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