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K6 & 7: Acclimatizing on Two New Routes

K6 & 7: Acclimatizing on Two New Routes

By Steve House   |   Aug 27, 2007 August 27, 2007

K6_after_the_storm I've changed the title of this series because in this week's sat phone update Steve House clarifies that he, Vince Anderson and Marko Prezelj are actually gunning for new routes on both K6 & K7. Steve also talks about finishing up the acclimatization process, the two new routes they've climbed already, and surprisingly he brings the perspective of a surfer to the mountains of Pakistan.

Listen to Steve House Update 2 (mp3)

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[K6, Masherbrum Mountains, Pakistan. Photo: Steve House]

Edit: Updated post to reflect that acclimatization is not quite finished.

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