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K6 & 7: Scouting and Starting K7

K6 & 7: Scouting and Starting K7

By Steve House   |   Aug 31, 2007 August 31, 2007

K6_after_the_storm In this report from the Charakusa Valley, Steve House gives us an excellent description of K7's features and explains how the team must find a way through the granite buttresses surrounding the base in order to get up on the mountain. Steve also talks about a special lunch they shared with the Colorado and Quebec teams, their stateside source for weather forecasts, and the final preparations for attempting the unclimbed west summit of K7.

Listen to Steve House Update 4 (mp3)

Breaking news: Looks like the weather has delayed their start by a day. I received a short update from Steve this morning.

Listen to Steve House Update 5 (mp3)

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[K6, Masherbrum Mountains, Pakistan. Photo: Steve House]

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