The Cleanest Line

Month: February 2012

[The lone goofy footer on the boat, director Chris Malloy had to step away from the camera to sample this left. Photo: Dean Azim]

Watch the Trailer for Groundswell

By Chris Darimont   |   Feb 7, 2012 February 7, 2012

by Chris Darimont How could we possibly give voice to marine mammals and other life threatened by one of the largest industrial projects ever conceived? After all, whales, dolphins and the like – as intelligent as they are – cannot mount their own defense against the oil industry. Read More

Cerro Torre, with the southeast ridge roughly ascending the spine, facing the camera, in the center of the frame (the route approaches around from the right, out-of-view, to reach the huge snow blob at the base of the ridge). Photo: Kelly Cordes

Cerro Torre: Deviations from Reason

By Kelly Cordes   |   Feb 6, 2012 February 6, 2012

Late afternoon January 16, Hayden Kennedy and Jason Kruk sat on the summit of Cerro Torre, making a decision. Backup. For starters, let’s be clear: None of us has an inalienable right to summit anything. If you aren’t capable of climbing a peak after a manmade path has been removed,… Read More

[Above: The author jogs up to Cache Col from Cascade Pass. All photos courtesy of Steve Graepel]

The Ptarmigan Traverse

By Steve Graepel   |   Feb 2, 2012 February 2, 2012

Scott scrambles up to Cache Col and drops his pack besides mine. We’ve been moving just over two hours since the trailhead and have stopped to get our first glimpse at the route before us. Our goal is the Ptarmigan Traverse – a 35-mile off-piste, haute route traversing the… Read More

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