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Kids of the Times

Kids of the Times

Mar 30, 2012 March 30, 2012

by Gambino - RES_6085

[The boat times, with CF Scariot (left), Kelly Cordes (reading) and Andrew Gram (drinking). Photo: Dan Gambino]

Whatever. I was still in namaste land, so I texted her that I’d have my agent return her call. Wait, what? Well I’ll be damned. Climbing all up in the Times. The Sunday Magazine had a photo essay on the Ouray Ice Festival, where I was working hard. Strange world these days. Especially how this increase in virtual connectedness can sometimes leave us feeling disconnected.

Kc - CFS tower IMG_4030(LR)

[CF Scariot just below a tower top in the western Colorado desert. Photo: Kelly Cordes]

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