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An Outing with Donini: Porch Angles (Part Two)

An Outing with Donini: Porch Angles (Part Two)

Apr 13, 2012 April 13, 2012

by Kc - doniniSV IMG_0404

Porch Angles

Just before dark, utterly worked at the decidedly unimpressive altitude of 2,350', we found a flat mini-meadow and bivied. In the morning, within an hour of moderate bushwhacking we reached what Jim calls the “Sound of Music Meadows.” Indescribably beautiful, rolling meadows with peaks and ponds in every direction, not a road in sight, glaciers winding in valleys below and icefalls tumbling from glacial plateaus. Another smaller meadow lies above, then a scrappy rock band, and then long, easy snow climbing culminating in a crevasse-riddled climb up an unnamed ca 6,200' peak that’s the key to reaching the line that Jim won’t shut up about seeing from his porch.

[Above: Jim scheming at our first bivy, still only a fraction of the ways toward San Valentin. Photo: Kelly Cordes]

Kc - doniniSV IMG_0481
[It looked a lot friendlier from Jim’s porch. Photo: Kelly Cordes]

Stay tuned for Part Three. Until then, have a great weekend everybody.

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