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Park Rumors

Park Rumors

May 17, 2012 May 17, 2012

by Kc - toots lumpy IMG_4446(LR)
[A fun Saturday on Lumpy Ridge. Photo: Kelly Cordes]

Pretty nice little Saturday, actually. Damn, it’s a great time of year in the ‘Rado.

But then on Tuesday, for some stupid reason, Weasel One and I went scratchy climbing in the Park. We heard Alexander’s Chimney was in good shape – a nice, moderate outing, and I haven’t climbed much scratchy stuff since breaking my leg two and a half years ago, so I thought it might be a good time. You know, pull some G’s. (G is for grovel.)

And it was a good time – only, as these Park days often go, Weasel One and I got sidetracked. Kind of like those rumors we whisper when we hear of some ephemeral smear forming up….brings back memories – I love Kc - stettners IMG_4513(LR)
[Good climbing. Photo: Kelly Cordes]

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