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Official Employee Uniform
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"We joke this should be the official uniform of Patagonia employees. Whenever I show people this jacket, they are blown away by it's compressibility. It's also quite warm. I end up living in mine during the Ventura 'winter'."
– Paycheck, Patagonia Headquarters, CA

Excellent Jacket
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"This garment is extremely light, (so much so that you may forget you are wearing it), warm, and compressible. I wore it on a trip to Patagonia, Argentina, last winter and it withstood the elements of a fierce Usuhaia winter with the ease and beauty of a quality, well-made garment. At night, when the thermostat showed us how cold we were and winds picked-up speed, I layered it with a Capilene 1 and the R1 and stayed quite warm. The fit is just right and very comfortable, and the inside security pocket is really useful. The zippers are buttery smooth, and the blue is a beautiful hue."
– Basil, Henderson, NV

Best puffy ever!
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"Bought the down sweater for the boyfriend last year and he absolutely loves it! It is unbelievably warm for being so light. He likes the fact that is not super bulky like other puffies can be and likes that it can be packed down for efficient packing on trips. I'm thinking about buying one for me this year!"
– climbngurl, Pickney, MI