Screen Printing and Embroidery

Patagonia does not offer in-house printing. It is best to use your local screen printer, but if you need assistance finding one, we have partnered with a reputable company. We recommend getting a quote from them directly with your artwork, type of embellishment, quantity and other information they may require.

Printing Partners
EFX Design (Ventura, CA)

Shipping and Charges
If you choose EFX Design, and you are a team in the USA with a USA address*, we will ship your order to EFX design via UPS Ground. EFX Design will then ship your completed ordered to you via UPS Ground. You will only be charged for shipping and applicable tax from the Patagonia warehouse in Reno, Nevada to the shipping address you indicate. You will have two transactions: one to Patagonia for the products plus shipping and applicable tax, and one to EFX Design for embellishment. If you choose EFX Design, the sales tax rate applied to your order will be based on Oxnard, CA tax rate of 8%, as that is where EFX is located and where the order will be shipped to from our warehouse in Reno. You are responsible for verifying with the vendor that all units are accurate in sizes and quantities as ordered within 7 days of receipt of order. Garments that have been embellished are void of the Patagonia Iron Clad guarantee and cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.

* International addresses and/or expedited shipping rates will apply.