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Partnership | A Patagonia supplier since: 2012

Ovis XXI Network

New Growth in the Grasslands of Patagonia
A partnership between Ovis XXI, The Nature Conservancy and Patagonia, Inc. aims to restore natural grasslands across the Patagonian region through evolved grazing practices as defined by the Grassland Regeneration and Sustainability Standard (GRASS). Farmers in the Ovis XXI network are producing the high-quality merino wool that we use in our merino wool baselayers.

Regenerating the Grasslands of Patagonia

Grasslands have a big potential to sequester carbon, but can’t do that job if they are degraded by overgrazing. South American farmers, Ovis XXI experts, Patagonia employees and The Nature Conservancy scientists share experiences about the creation of GRASS, and the regeneration they are seeing with its use in Patagonia.

New Growth in the Grasslands of Patagonia
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Ovis XXI Network

Ruta 71, Km 8

Number of Workers / Gender Mix

63 (In the network) / Male 73%, Female 27%

Languages Spoken

Spanish, English

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Wool - Raw Fiber