Brittany Griffith tufa tugging on a reconnaissance mission to the newly established crags of Tannourine, Lebanon. The route name is in Arabic, but it means "spring in the rocks" (5.13a). CHRISTINE BAILEY SPEED
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W's Down Sweater
Leaden Blue (LEDB-151)
Black (BLK-155)
Birch White (BCW-307)
Jeweled Berry (JWB-540)
Tobago Blue (TBGB-814)
W's Down Sweater | $219.00
W's Down Sweater
Andes Blue (ANDB)
Black (BLK)
Cobalt Blue (COB)
Cochineal Red (COCR)
Golden Amber (GLDA)
Tailored Grey (TGY)
Violetti (VLTI)
W's Down Sweater | $229.00
W's Down Shirt
Birch White (BCW)
Black (BLK)
Cobalt Blue (COB)
Tobago Blue (TBGB)
W's Down Shirt | $199.00
Trucker Hat
Fitz Roy P-6: Forge Grey (FZF-018)
Bear Moon: Viking Blue (BMVK-406)
Climb A Mountain: White (CMWT-407)
Fitz Roy Tarpon: Feather Grey (FZFT-447)
Fitz Roy P-6: Glass Blue (FZGS-451)
GPIW Axe: Ash Tan (GXAT-454)
Roam Free: Classic Navy (RFNY-536)
Fitz Roy Emblem: Black (FTEB-634)
Live Simply Teepee: Tobago Blue (LTPT-640)
Fitz Roy Trout: Camo (FOM-918)
Fitz Roy P-6: Black w/Black (FRY-919)
Built To Endure: Bear Brown (BEBB)
Fitz Roy Emblem Patch: Feather Grey (FEFG)
Fitz Roy Tarpon: Leaden Blue (FTLB)
Fitz Roy Trout: Fatigue Green (FZFG)
GPIW Kit: Black (GKBK)
Live Simply Skateboard: Andes Blue (LSAB)
Mountain Sea Doodle: Tumble Green (MDTG)
Patagonia Badge Patch: Dark Currant (PBDC)
Trucker Hat | $29.00
Trucker Hat P-6
Black (BLK)
Forge Grey (FGE)
Fish Camo: Classic Tan (FHA)
Glass Blue (GLSB)
Tumble Green (TMBG)
White (WHI)
Trucker Hat P-6 | $29.00
W's Kamala Skirt
Black (BLK-155)
Shibori Stripe: Classic Navy (SBCN-616)
Cobra Fade: Glass Blue (CFGL-699)
Cobra Fade: Whiskey Plum (CFWP-704)
Rainfloral: Classic Navy (RFCN-903)
Rainfloral: Catalan Coral (RFCT-904)
Geoharmony: Black (GOBK)
Geoharmony: Classic Navy (GOCN)
Geoharmony: Dark Currant (GODC)
W's Kamala Skirt | $69.00
W's Bandha Dress
Black (BLK-155)
Whiskey Plum (WHP-537)
Glass Blue (GLSB-579)
Catalan Coral (CCRL-923)
W's Bandha Dress | $79.00
W's Re-Tool Vest
Desert Turquoise - Tobago Blue X-Dye (DTQX-087)
Radiant Magenta - Radiant Magenta X-Dye (RMGX-093)
Black (BLK-155)
Tailored Grey - Nickel X-Dye w/ Ikat Purple (TXP-739)
Cobalt Blue - Classic Navy X-Dye (CCNX)
Cochineal Red - Wax Red X-Dye (CRWX)
Raw Linen - White X-Dye (RWX)
Tailored Grey - Nickel X-Dye w/Tobago Blue (TNXB)
Violetti - Tempest Purple X-Dye (VTPX)
W's Re-Tool Vest | $109.00
W's Lithia Skirt
Black (BLK-155)
Deep Sea Skirt: Desert Turquoise (DPTQ-227)
Deep Sea Skirt: Radiant Magenta (DSMG-228)
Katagami: Catalan Coral (KGCT-230)
Katagami: Glass Blue (KGGB-231)
Toucan Swing: Glass Blue (TCGB-232)
Toucan Swing: Black (TUSB-233)
Geo-Lux: Black (GXBK)
Geo-Lux: Classic Navy (GXCN)
Geo-Lux: Dark Currant (GXDC)
W's Lithia Skirt | $49.00
W's R2® Jacket
Leaden Blue (LEDB-151)
Black (BLK-155)
Birch White (BCW-307)
Catalan Coral (CCRL-923)
Desert Turquoise (DSTQ-986)
Cochineal Red (COCR)
Dark Currant (DKCT)
Tobago Blue (TBGB)
Violetti (VLTI)
W's R2® Jacket | $169.00
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