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“Patagonia Saves My Hide”

“Patagonia Saves My Hide”

Dec 13, 2007 December 13, 2007

BigwaveThat was the title of the e-mail we received in our Customer Service mailbox. It was from a young man who’d recently put our goods to the test in ways our testers rarely do.

With his permission, we have reprinted his e-mail here.


Subject: RE: Patagonia Saves My Hide

Four months ago I experienced this story (link below) and during that time Iwas wearing a Patagonia mid-layer fleece along with my other gear. Ihad two pieces of this gear, the pull over with a zipper and onewithout. These kept me warm and dry the 35 days leading up to the 19thof Febuary. On that day, they kept me warm enough to survive 10 hoursin the North Atantic in 60-knot winds and 40-foot seas. I lost theseitems (probably in the Coast Guard Jayhawk) but I wanted to thank youfor the designing and building of a product that performs as promised.

Thank You.

It modestly omits some of the grittier details of his ordeal. For a full account of the incident, click here.

Thank you, Kevin, for your good words, and big thanks to the Coast Guard for making sure you would be around to tell your story.

[Photo: An image of the famed "Draupner wave" as seen on the Wikipedia article of the same title – the wave was offered the first photo-documented evidence of giant rogue waves. The wave in this picture is cresting over the deck of this oil rig.]

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