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Introducing our First Online-only Catalog – Patagonia Surf Fall 2009

Introducing our First Online-only Catalog – Patagonia Surf Fall 2009

Nov 18, 2009 November 18, 2009


Patagonia's first-ever online-only catalog is up and riding. Filled with stunning photography, videos and interactive product pages, our first foray into paperless page-turning highlights our fall surf line just in time for the swell-generating storms of winter. Check out Patagonia Surf Fall 2009 and let us know what you think.

Online catalogs aren't completely new to us. About six years ago we offered online replicas of our print catalogs. Unfortunately, we were a little too far in front of the curve and there wasn't enough interest to justify the cost. Now times are different and we're giving it another go.

The amount of resources it takes to produce paper catalogs has always made us squirm. Online catalogs free us from the creative constraints of print and potentially allow us to reach more readers with less environmental impact, but only with your help. Would you consider sharing the link to this catalog on your social networking platform of choice?

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The Environmental Defense Fund's Paper Calculator is a great tool for identifying the resources we saved by not printing this catalog:

WOOD USE – 175 tons/1,222 trees
NET ENERGY – 2,805 million BTUs
GREENHOUSE GASES – 598,206 lbs. CO2 equivalent
WASTEWATER – 1,506,301 gallons
SOLID WASTE – 220,860 lbs.

As it stands, the vast majority of our customers still love the print catalogs. But we've heard from enough of you (thanks John) to start taking the first steps towards a more diversified approach. Stay tuned. As we make progress we'll share it here.

Thanks as always for your support and for telling us what works best for you. Hope you enjoy the catalog.

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