The Cleanest Line
Donnie Hedden

Donnie Hedden

Donnie Hedden is a photojournalist based out of Santa Barbara. He’s grown up working on the family boat business and tagging along on landscape painting trips with his mother. Surfing quenches his thirst for thrill and joy, while offbeat towns and powered-down cell phones provide the opportunity to truly connect with people.


Photo: Donnie Hedden

Notes from the Road: Worn Wear Fall 2016 Tour

Sep 1, 2016 September 1, 2016

We’re a little more than halfway through the tour here in the United States and can’t decide what’s worse: the summer heat down in the South or the demolition y’all do on your garments! Truthfully, we’re not fazed by either. We love the challenging repairs being… Read More