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Granger's® Merino Wash

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GRANGERS MERINO WASH, none (none-000)
Granger's® Merino Wash,
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Specifically formulated for washing wool garments. Gentle cleaning action removes dirt and odors; contains cedar extracts.

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Granger’s Merino Wash is a wash-in formulation specifically designed to clean and care for all merino and woolen clothing. Based on the same formulation as our Performance Cleaner, Granger’s Merino Wash cleans your merino gear—as well as any other woolen garments you may own. It gently reduces odors and removes dirt without harming or impeding any of the natural benefits your merino boasts. Granger’s Merino Wash also includes cedar extract – a known moth repellent. Merino Wash is suitable for cleaning all kinds of technical and outdoor clothing, and is particularly effective at cleaning merino and woolen garments.
  • Effectively cleans all merino and wool products
  • Suitable for use on all clothing and fabrics that require a gentler wash
  • Contains cedar extract
  • Merino Wash works at 86˚F/30˚C in all types of water
  • 300 ml (10 oz)