• Ramzi Talbi

Ramzi Talbi





SoHo Store, NYC

Ramzi Talbi
“My journey within Patagonia empowered a healthy lifestyle and inspired me to be more active in the outdoors. I learned to ski, surf and fly fish, and now I shop locally, support local farmers, volunteer with nonprofit organizations and bike or run to work. I’ve run two NYC Marathons and I'm training for a third. And I climbed Toubkal in Morocco, North Africa’s highest peak.”

Passionate about: Nature and adventures.

Outside interests: Any outdoor activities I can do in NYC or the area, especially running and biking.

Favorite Patagonia product: Houdini®. I always have it with me.

Biggest accomplishment while working here:
In 2009, I came up with the idea of an in-store repair team. I sent an email to the staff to explain it and put together a list of everyone’s repair skills. I also reached out to our Reno repair center to order the supplies necessary to make all of the repairs. The new program reduced the number of products we have to replace due to minor damage, and customers are happy to get their repairs taken care of quickly. Last spring I trained more staff to repair Patagonia products and created an efficient system for accepting, completing, organizing and tracking in-store repairs. I also created a repair room with updated supplies and equipment.

Favorite part about your workday:
Consistently giving excellent customer service by meeting customers’ needs, educating them about our products using my own experiences and coaching Patagonia staff to do the same. I have created a personal client base of customers who frequent the shop and ask for me by name. It is cool to build this kind of relationship with people who are stoked to get outside and adventure, especially in NYC.

Done an enviro internship? Served on the environmental grants council? How’d it go?
In 2010, I participated in an environmental internship with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund on Maui. I worked with the group to ensure sea turtles saw a safe passage to their nesting grounds. While I was away, I posted regularly to our store’s Facebook page to keep both the staff and our followers updated on my experiences. I also wrote an internship blog.