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Patagonia Men's Airshed Running Pullover

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Patagonia Men's Airshed Running Pullover

True To Size
June 12, 2020

Magical Wind Shell

I purchased the Airshed after reading Max Neale's rave review(s) on his TO THE MAX blog. What came is a remarkable wisp of a pullover windshell, an amazing balance of wind resistance and breathability. The Airshed seems to weigh nothing, and packs into a little ball in a pack or jersey pocket, so there's no reason not to have it. Pulled o... Read Moren over base layers it provides significant wind protection without getting sweaty when I'm working hard. Based on reviews here I ordered an XL instead of my usual Patagonia L. I was expecting a garment that ran small in sizes. In fact, the fit is a typical XL on me, and I would have been better served by selecting my usual size. For reference, I'm 6', 204 lb, 44" chest, and I wear L for most everything Patagonia. The Airshed is no different if worn over light layers. If you want to wear over, say, a Nano Air Light, maybe size up. Features are minimal, as you'd expect. No drawcords, no Velcro cuffs, no hood. A well-fitting high collar; some stretchy fabric at the cuffs and bottom hem to hold the pullover in place; a half-length zipper; and a zip pocket left chest. That's it. Oh, and the amazing fabric - soft and comfortable against bare skin, non-snaggy against inner layers, wind-shedding, and oh so breathable. Pretty much all you need. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I'd love a version with a hood. As is, the Airshed won't replace my Houdini. However, I see a lot of use for the Airshed, and expect to wear it a lot. Oh, BTW, mosquitoes cannot bite through this thing, and it's surprisingly comfortable for evenings by the camp stove or fire. Just sayin'...

January 23, 2020

Very versatile

I've used the Airshed for 6 months now. Originally purchased for a fall mountain biking trip in the Sierras as a top layer. It's quickly become a go to top layer for me. It breathes really well but also keeps me warm down to 40 degrees with just a light 3/4 sleeve jersey under it while exercising. Also comfortable up to 60 degrees with a ... Read Moret-shirt under it. It won't cut all of the wind, but the trade off in breathability is worth it. The water resistance is nice for light rain and I've had no issues with durability surviving some bike crashes. I'm 6 ft 175 lbs and went with a L because I wanted to be able to layer under it as necessary. Good fit for my purposes, though I expect a M would be good for a closer fit if desired.

January 16, 2020

This is my go-to extra layer

A great layer for long runs when the weather dips below zero or the wind is blowing. If I get too hot, I can stuff it into the pocket of my running shorts. Based on the breathability, I use this more than my Houdini. One request, please offer a few brighter, higher visibility, colors. How about Rugby Yellow? Peppergrass Green?

December 31, 2019

Keeps you comfortable

I love having this as an option for another layer and wind protection. It packs into a small ball that you can clip to you. So very portable and looks reasonable enough to wear anywhere.

December 20, 2019

Just right

This pullover is the perfect piece to carry when you think it might get cooler during your ride. I used to carry a thin nylon shell as a wind block. But it blocks too much wind and I only put it on when it gets real cold because i will just get over heated. The Airshed is the best in between to cut the wind just right. The XL is more “race fit”, bu... Read Moret not an Euro race XL, the fit is just slim enough that it’s not flapping. All of the Patagonia XL garments fit me just right.

November 22, 2019

great, but too big.

great, but too big.

November 22, 2019

Ultra-light Running Staple

So light I can barely tell it's there. I've found this to work well for running at temps down to 15F with a midweight merino baselayer underneath. It breathes reasonably well and the half zip is nice to increase venting. This has become a go to for me - the best running jacket I've found yet!

November 8, 2019


this jacket has elasticty and feels good. suitablefor jogging.

November 5, 2019


Very, very light weight. Perfect for running when it's a little too cold for just t-shirt, gloves and hat. Would buy again.

November 5, 2019

Perfect for those days.

This pullover is perfect for those days when on the go and the mornings are breezy and have that chill in the air, but you know its going to heat up later. it is extremely light weight and has a great loose fit to keep the body heat in when its cold out. It has just enough water resistant to it that keeps out a light drizzle. Its a dawn to dusk per... Read Morefect fit.

November 5, 2019

Awesome but not for the price

I actually really liked this wind shield, but I just couldn’t keep it for the price. The material is nice, but it won’t last. The trails I run are lined with shrubs and growth that would annihilate this thing on its first outing. It certainly wouldn’t hold up to shoulder straps on any kind of backpack. I’ll keep using the Houdini for now.

November 3, 2019

So useful!

This jacket is so tiny and light, but provides good protection from the wind.

October 14, 2019

Just the right airflow for fall cycling

I like the flexibility and weight savings of wearing a baselayer with a windshirt rather than a softshell, but most of the latter are too hermetic for me (may as well put on the hardshell). The Airshed strikes a good balance, and is much lighter than a shell. Cuffs and hem are well engineered and zippers open with one hand. Exact sizing really dial... Read Mores this in, so it would be nice to have long and short options in addition to the usual sizes.

October 3, 2019

Airshed Pullover Windbreaker

just hiked the Narrows in Zion with early morning shadows and wind great super lightweight outer layer

September 1, 2019

Exactly what I wanted

I needed a light jacket for biking in the city, this stands out, is very lightweight, and feel durable compared to cheaper alternatives . No regrets

August 10, 2019

Great lightweight traveler

I ordered a small men’s because I love that green color - please make it for women. I like everything about the Airshed pullover except the fabric is very sensitive to abrasions - after a one hour hill climb my waist pack caused the fabric to pull and pill in the back...major bummer for a Patagonia product (I have many that I love). Toughen up the ... Read Morefabric and this jacket will be 5 stars!

Response from Patagonia
August 14, 2019

Thanks for the review and we are sorry to hear that abrasion caused some pilling. You are welcome to try one of the many products out there to help remove pilling, but if you decide you'd like to [return](, we are happy to [help]( with that.

August 10, 2019

Perfect companion for a ferry ride in Maine

The day started off warm and sunny, but the ferry ride from Rockland to Vinalhaven was windy and cool. Thank goodness for my new Airshed to keep the breezes ‘at bay’!

July 2, 2019

Pure Genius and Versatile

This is the best light windbreaker I have ever owned, even though the price is so high compared to other pullovers. The similar old Helium jacket from years ago was awesome, but this Airshed Pullover has even more breathable fabric. I have been struggling with Patagonia the last couple years, feeling that something is going wrong with many of the i... Read Moretems I buy, like the sizing or the design goes wrong (or something else). But they nailed this perfectly! If you read that people are complaining, these must be pretty picky people. Okay, maybe for some people a full-zip would be better, but I have worn this on days that straddle the line between warmer and cooler and it vents extra heat so well I can leave it on much longer than my previous Houdini Pullover before I need to put it around my waist. So far I only use this for running, and occasionally for hiking. The fabric feels just awesome and still handles light rain, but don't expect too much... it's still a windbreak pullover! Wear something else if it's raining more, colder, or you need a hood. Something about the fabric helps this blur the line between a regular layer and a windbreaker, because it is softer, more supple, and comfortable. And it's quiet! I am so happy they eliminated the snaps that were on the Houdini pullover and just used a lightweight zipper on the Airshed P/O, because the snaps on the Houdini P/O were so absurdly strong they were ripping right out of the fabric! Now if they could just keep the price down, because the last couple years have seen some fairly dramatic price trends, so I'm not sure if these new fabrics just cost more or what, but I'm starting to spend more on my running layers and shorts than ever before. This is something I will keep an eye on, because I love supporting Patagonia due to their policies and ethics, but sometimes I just can't pay $170 for a windbreaker (I'm thinking of the new Houdini Air Jacket, which looks interesting but too expensive when I already have the regular Houdini Jacket).

July 1, 2019

Just Magic

With the Airshed you have to close your eyes and stop thinking of it as a jacket or a wind shirt. I use it as a base layer or over a thin Synthetic T and it works like a magic long sleeve shirt that dries instantly, blocks some wind and feels great next to skin. It also works excellent as a bug shirt in hot weather. I use it 4 seasons like this and... Read More just love it. Like it's name implies - it does not block wind, it just cuts it down a notch. Skate Nordic skiing and cold weather biking speeds can sometimes overpower it leaving you wanting more of a Hoodini. My gripes - the forearms are too narrow, I needed to sew in gussets to be able to slide the sleeves up. I also wish there was a hooded version.

May 8, 2019

Airshed Amazement

This pullover is very versatile. I replaced a longtime favorite with the Airshed and have been pleased with the fit and comfort. It repels moisture fairly well and provides enough warmth for moderate conditions. I've added this to a few other heavier layers and been completely prepared for a range of conditions.

May 8, 2019

Awesome piece

This thing is awesome. It is a swriously effective windshirt that doesnt feel like a trash bag and doesn't make you over heat. I use it mainly ski touring on windy days and trail running when it's brisk.

February 8, 2019

Great cool weather running jacket

I replaced and older Nine Trails jacket with the Airshed pullover. It's a little thinner, and at first I thought I'd notice a difference in the warmth/wind protection. I run all winter long in southern Utah, and while actual snow and rain are pretty rare, temps are usually in the 20's. Once I'm warmed up, I can't really tel... Read Morel a difference. Seems to block most light breezes. I feel like the Airshed breathes a little better. There's a stretch component to the Airshed that I like. I wouldn't have complained that the Nine Trails Jacket didn't stretch, but having gotten used to it now in the Airshed, I really like the stretch. I occasionally miss the full zip of the Nine Trails, but the pullover is fine. It truly packs tiny if you have to take it off. I felt like the collars flapped too much on the Nine Trails - so much so that I sewed some hook and loop closure on to keep them from flapping - the collars are much better on the Airshed. For me it's been a great addition to my running gear. I'm 5'8" and about 165 and the medium fits well.

January 15, 2019


This is probably one of the most useful pieces of clothing that I own. It's extremely thin and packable; however, somehow it manages to help retain some of your body heat and it works well as a light windbreaker and as a very light rain jacket (fog/drizzle). It's nice enough to wear in a business environment, and I also use it for cycling... Read More, running, and lifting in cold weather. It breathes extremely well, and I have to agree with another reviewer that it's basically like a more breathable version of the Houdini. The material is a little different and thinner than the houdini however, but I'd say their uses are similar. My body tends to heat up rather quickly, and the large front zip works great to help regulate some of your body heat. I usually take this on almost all of my road trips, camping, and hiking. Definitely try it out if you've been looking at it. Also for reference. I am 6'3 and about 215lbs, and the XL fits great. It can feel a little tight trying to get it over my head and shoulders, but I have a ton of room once I get it on.

January 3, 2019

Perfect for high endurance activities

Layering this piece over the top on an R1 or LW capilene for skate skiing. Perfect piece for high endurance activities.

November 8, 2018

Simply perfect for running; everything Patagonia claimed is true.

I'm reviewing after 10 runs in varying conditions. Prior to picking the Airshed up, I would wear a Houdini when starting up on cooler/windy runs. After the first mile, the Houdini would need to be vented or taken off completely, or else it would be soaked inside. By contrast, the Airshed starts a little cooler for me but warms up to being “j... Read Moreust right” and stays in that sweet spot - never turning into a sauna. Not having to fuss over layers is incredible, and this just works. I’m 6’1” 155-160 lbs and the medium (2018 version) is great for me. This is the same size I wear in the Houdini. The torso/waist are a little wider than I need but not excessive. The neck doesn’t zip too snugly either, but this allows for layering a zip-neck baselayer underneath if desired. The sleeves and length are spot-on. The fabric has held up so far with being washed after each run. I zip it up inside out and wash warm, give it a few minutes in a warm dryer to perk up the dwr, then hang dry the rest of the way. My one nitpick for the design is that the zipper pull on the pocket jingles a bit when running. Adding a cord pull as on the main zipper would quiet it down.

July 21, 2018

Love the 1/4 zip, but the fabric is too fragile

I owned this for less than a year, and it quickly became my favorite layer for travel-lightweight and stuffable, and able to dress up my casual outfit in the evening. After a few wearings, though, there was massive pilling randomly on the fabric, and it looked terrible. I called Patagonia and was told it was normal wear and that I should buy a pill... Read More shaver to see if that worked. The rep told me it happened because I washed it with other clothes. So I returned it to REI and got a refund. At REI I was told the fabric is so fragile that wearing a seatbelt will cause it to pill. Disappointed that a Patagonia jacket is too fragile even to drive to the trailhead wearing a seatbelt! Except for the fragile fabric, it’s a wonderful item, but I can not recommend it due to its fragility - what a shame!

May 10, 2018

Good for running,but could use some tweaks

I use this mainly for running,the fabric allows a fair amount of breathability without letting the wind cut through. If anything,I wish it were more breathable. I am 5'-7" and 120lbs slim and this is a slim if not form-fitting fit. I have thin wrists and when I wear a Garmin 310xt,the cuffs barely fit over which makes taking the pullover ... Read Moreon/off difficult. The cuffs are very narrow and have a little stretch but could use more stretch for more breathability. I also notice that the inside elbow area gets very sweaty and sticks to my arms on runs where the fabric comes in contact with bare skin,and perhaps a more breathable fabric could be used in this area. I find using this garment most comfortable from 40-60 deg. F.

April 26, 2018

Love the jacket

I bought this to wear on my early morning walks and it is perfect. Material is lightweight and fits fantastic.

April 13, 2018

Best running jacket out there

I've had mine for about six months. I run in it in any temp below 40F. It's the only jacket I've ever owned that doesn't make me overheat in minutes. (I don't understand how people can run in a Houdini). The fabric is noticably air-permeable. I'm comfortable with a short-sleeve shirt under this jacket down to 30,then w... Read Moreith a long-sleeve below that. I'm glad it doesn't have a hood to flap around. If it's bitterly cold,I put on a buff and/or a hat. My only suggestions would be to make it a tiny bit longer and more fitted,and to give the cuffs more stretch. You can effectively vent with the main zipper,but it's a little tight to push the cuffs up to the top of your forearms. Oh,and some bright colors would be nice. I'm 6'1",150-155 lbs.

February 18, 2018

Nearly perfect

GREAT: Ultra light,wind and water resistant,well made NOT: I use this primarily for running. If I do not zip to the top,the zippers would flap. Not a huge deal,but a lighter zipper or a holding tab would solve the problem.

January 11, 2018

Great jacket

Very thin and breathable material. I have been search for this kind of jacket for a while. Great for slightly windy day. I am 5.2 and the small size fit great.

January 4, 2018

Perfect light compact windproof top

I got this for trail running and hiking in cooler and windy weather,its ideal! I used it at Leadville where the compact packed size was great. It sheds light rain,breathable fabric yet windproof. It is thin though so layer under it for warmth. It's my go-to pullover and has had a lot of use in the past 6 months! I highly recommend it.

October 5, 2017

Great garment with serious design flaw

I bought this for a three week trip to South America with lots of different climates. It's a great breathable windproof garment,but the collar band is poorly designed. I have a beard and shave my neck every morning. After 20 plus days of use,the inside of the neck collar band was tattered and unsightly. I've returned the garment. It'... Read Mores a garment I would like to own,but only if the collar is made of more sturdy material.

October 4, 2017

My new go to piece of gear.

I bought this expressly for the Adirondack Trail Ride,a 587 mile off road and self supported bike packing race around the Adirondack Park in Northern NY. It arrived the day before the grand depart and I wore it for the first time off the start line. And then everyday and most nights for the next seven days. Temperatures ranged from mid thirty to lo... Read Morew 80's and in every capacity of layering the Airshed did EXACTLY what they said it would do. Most of the time I wore a thin LS wool crew neck and the Airshed. Step it up with a midweight wool jersey for dusk and add a shell for the night. When the temps dropped into the thirties I had an old puff ball vest for added warmth. My last day it started out cool with drizzles- LW wool,Airshed and a Shell all morning. It was a strenuous hike a bike morning. As the day progressed the sun came out and the temps climbed into the 80's- at the finish I had on just the Airshed with the chest zip wide opened. I kept thinking I'd need to stop and adjust clothing but kept going and finished dry and comfortable. Whoever came up with this deserves a raise... and a beer... cheers.

September 18, 2017

Fabric is perfect,NEEDS HOODED VERSION

I used this as a base and outer layer while guiding a trip up mt baker earlier this season. I absolutely love this fabric. PLEASE MAKE A HOODED VERSION,and make the cuffs better,like the nano air light or something that seals better with simple elastic,no Velcro please. the current cuffs just kind of stop with no seal. I would sell my houdini immed... Read Moreiately if this came out in a with a hood. Using this as a base layer as Colin Haley did on some of his crazy solos this year almost acts as a sort of semi-permeable membrane (like partial vapor barrier) which keeps outer layers drier,and thus warmer. It's brilliant. And it feels amazing next to skin.

August 19, 2017

not as practical as old Velocity/Nine Trails

Velocity (reborn as Nine Trails) jackets zipped fully open and were more comfortable during intense exercise. Airshed is OK but it would be nice to have Nine Trails back again.

June 17, 2017


Great option when you need more than one layer,but less than two.

June 13, 2017

Light Biking and In-town Pullover

The jacket is thin breathable stretch material great for mountain biking or in the city on an early morning in the spring or summer. The pullover is cut slim which eliminates bulk. While I like the Chinese collar,no hood and cuffless feature the material around near the wrist does not allow you to push the sleeves up beyond a few inches. I am a sma... Read Morell build and the medium fit great,however the lack of elasticity in the cuffs was a drawback.

May 27, 2017

Great lightweight top for trail running

I bought this for a recent 100 mile race in Virginia and I'm so glad I did. The pullover was easy to carry folded up into the chest pocket. At a stream crossing I slipped and fell in past my waist. The Airshed was soaked (as was I) but quickly dried and kept me warm throughout the night as the temperatures dropped into the high 30s.

May 22, 2017

Great item. Would like more color choices!

I've had this about 3 months. I wear it as a layer for rowing early mornings; great wind break and warmth,but no bulk. Zip neck and chest pocket are both important features. The fit is comfortable but not so loose,that I worry about the oars snagging it. The tail is not too long,so I don't worry about catching it under the seat wheels. Ho... Read Morew about more colors...yellow,navy,red?

May 5, 2017

Nice but not perfect

I like the airshed pullover and it does its job of slowing down the wind without overheating. My 2 complaints are the cuffs,and the price. The cuffs have a small bit of elastic but not enough to make them tight around my wrists,but then theres not enough stretch,or room,to allow me to pull the sleeves up. 2nd,the price seems a little high consideri... Read Moreng how thin the material is,how austere the features are,and the fact that you can buy a houdini hoody with a full zipper,pockets,and a hood for less money. Fix the cuffs,make a hooded jacket version,and ease up on the price and it would be truly 5 stars

April 22, 2017

Best ultralight soft shell pullover on the market

I purchased the Airshed a little over a month ago,just at the end of winter/ beginning of spring. Have since worn it in rain,wind,on cold mornings,and it is absolutely amazing at holding the elements at bay. Especially wind resistance- the Airshed literally feels like a shed around you,but is fitted perfectly so it doesn't flap in the wind. Th... Read Moree half zip is perfect for controlling heat and ventilation. Never a problem with sweating! It's so light I pop it in my vest pocket and never know it's there until I need it! Awesome piece of gear!

April 18, 2017

Nailed it

I'm running the trails,it gets cold and windy,and I throw on the Houdini. Within 5-10 minutes I'm sweating like a furnace and my base layer and the Houdini are soaked. Not a problem with the Airshed! I wore this for two 30 mile runs in the Smoky Mountains. Temps in the 30s to 40s with wind on both occasions. Never took the Airshed off. Fo... Read Morer high exertion,it does just enough to block the wind. For me,it is the perfect balance of windproofness and breathability. The deep zipper pocket is nice for extra ventilation. This is made for high exertion. Don't expect this to keep you warm for casual strolls on chilly days. The material started to pill a little bit around the straps of my hydration pack. I'm willing to deal with that,because more durable material means less breathability. I'm picky when it comes to sizing. Tried both an XS and S. Would love a size between the two. I like a trim fit. The XS fit well but was a little tight in the shoulders. The small felt a little baggy for me. But I'm splitting hairs over the sizing. Exactly as advertised,"weather protection without the unwanted sauna treatment."

April 15, 2017

Great windbreaker

Otis a nice pullover when trying to avoid wind and rain. The material is very comfortable although surprisingly thin. I wouldn't be very active with it for fear of tearing I mainly use it for golf or walking the dogs.

April 1, 2017

Totally as advertised.

(Caveat: the "men's" alleged "colors" not being up to personal speed - and to spur me on,no large Men's available for the moment at the retailer - I got a Women's Carve Coral in XL. New Gender Century,I like splash in my life,live a little,etc. This was a store purchase,checked in the mirror first. You have been w... Read Morearned. Onward.) Bought it yesterday and had the perfect test day today: high projected for around sixty,sun in and out,breeze significant at times,no precip; guaranteed with most windshells to be bring-it-but-no-way-I-wear-it-all-the-way. I wore the Borderless Tights,a winter tight,with wind briefs,and a Merino Air Hoody underneath the Airshed,as combination insurance/stoke the steam factor. As if that weren't enough,I packed water and gel and bars and binoculars (eagle nest about halfway) in a Nine Trails Pack. I never took the Airshed off,even when the sun,after staying in for most of the outing,briefly exploded from cover slightly more than halfway through the run. I zipped that deep zipper all the way down but the Airshed never came close to coming off. Furthermore,I honestly noted no more sweatiness than I would on a similar outing without a shell. Which,had I not brought one,I would have wished for very quickly as the sun retreated from roast mode and a gust fest immediately followed. As I type this everything is still on. Sweat was minimal. I was even surprised how little moisture happened on my back,covered by the Nine Trails Pack. As I said,no precipitation. But air is a fluid; and if anything is stopping wind like this did you can expect it to stop some light rain or snow as well. It won't stop what a Houdini will,I don't think. It's not supposed to. I bought a Windchaser Shirt yesterday too. I think my combination hot/cold defense for summer outings in the humid balmy Virginia Blue Ridge,or,well,just about anywhere I know I won't face full-on weather assault,just got nailed down. You won't want to sell or return your Houdinis. But on days you flat know you won't need a shell...bring one. This is the one.

March 25, 2017


I bought this jacket?,shirt? (Yeah both) for a recent trip to SW Utah and it did not disappoint! I wore this shirt mountain biking,hiking and canyoneering for 5 days in Zion and Hurricane and never felt a need or wanted to take it off. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a light weight do it all shirt that is as comfortable on the trail as... Read More it is having beers on the tailgate.

February 20, 2017

favorite gear

it's perfect. i just don't take it off. well,unless i have to go where there's people i know. it couldn't be black with black trim? why does gear have to always have hideous neon colors? if i'm in the outdoors my preference is definitely not to clash with nature.

February 10, 2017

Love this piece

I was recently in need of a running shell and when I saw the airshed and read what it was about,I went with it. A proud owner of a nano air hoody,I love the feel and quality of the nano's outer,so why not have just the shell as a standalone piece? I combine this with a technical running T,a light running insulative layer,and pop the airshed on... Read More top. That keeps me running into the 20's(!!!) F in the Adirondack mountains where I live. First,the fit of this is great for trim builds. 5' 5" 125 lbs and the small fits like a glove. The stretchy black triangles at the cuffs are a key feature of this piece,and the vertical chest pocket is crucial for gels or a phone,if you're into that sort of thing. I love this piece for running mostly,but what I am especially looking forward to is crushing spring hikes in the ADK high peaks with a baselayer and the airshed. It's just that great extra protection you need for inclement weather,where a windbreak is all that's required because you're still exerting and any insulation will make you overheat. I have a houdini that's great for just hikes because the fit isn't trim enough for running. So if you don't need the space savings of a carabiner-sized-while-in-its-stuff-sack houdini,go for this piece. Its material seems to be more durable than the houdini overall. One thing that's happened after ~100 miles is the horizontal stitching that spans the front of the piece is starting to come undone,so I may need to send it in for a repair. But that's why I purchased a Patagonia piece after all.

January 23, 2017

Great for tricky weather running!

I am very glad that I got this thing! I have used and like the houdini for cusp weather running,but usually over heat in it and soak it from the inside and have to take it on and off. I chatted for a bit with an online patagonia rep and after talking about the differences in a few different items went with this. I ran today in a light base layer... Read More and just this pullover in some Very high winds with small bouts of cold spitting rain. It was a grey damp cold day in the north georgia mountains,and I was out for about 3 hours. As the weather shifted back and forth and I went from heating up on the climbs to cooling off on the downs,I never had to adjust anything. I had the neck zipper open and left it that way and was fine for the whole run. Really like this piece a lot! I could see some hybrids coming out of this ;) Like a full zip hooded version.. maybe with waterproof panels on top of the hood and shoulders

January 17, 2017

Takes the bite out

Santa Cruz winter mountain biking never really gets cold enough for a second shell layer that you can leave on,especially while climbing. It's still cold enough to want a second layer though. Enter the Airshed. The perfect high output jacket,does just enough and doesn't even feel like its there. I wear it over a lightweight capilene crew ... Read Moreand its the perfect combo for 45 F degree starts in the shade,leave it on even as it warms up.

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