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Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Hip Pack 10L

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Patagonia Stormsurge Waterproof Hip Pack 10L

True To Size
September 21, 2020

Multi-Purpose Pack!

In my opinion if you're going to get a hip pack for fishing it should be a waterproof one. This one is fantastic. It's water and airtight, as long as you make sure to close the zipper all the water. It's a nice size to fit 3-4 bigger fly boxes as well as any accessories you need. If you want to put layers or water in it, then your am... Read Moreount of large flyboxes shrinks to 2. Since purchasing it, I've used this bag for fishing, mountain biking (both with a rod on the back and without), and even swimming and running when I needed a dry bag during a multisport outing. Bonus is that it serves as a buoy while in the water. Only downside is the same as every waterproof bag: If it gets wet inside, air it and dry it out very well or it will stink.

June 24, 2020

Could be better...

This bag is good, not great. The neck strap idea is bunk. I dont know anyone that would use or carry it that way. It needs a grab handle on the top so I can swing it from front to back easily. It needs a place for water on the exterior, weld a stretch sleeve where the pole straps are for a water bottle. Putting water inside the bag defeats the pu... Read Morerpose. Get rid of the pole straps, no one carries a pole like that, you cant walk down a trail like that, youre too wide, and catch every branch. Add a small tab on the bag where I can dock my forceps. Constantly using the waist strap is going to destroy it eventually. You guys are usually really thoughtful. I hope my ideas can help.

May 20, 2020

Miss a proper hipbelt

I like it more than the previous model in terms of shapes and it seems to have a little more volume. But it lacks a suitable hip belt, the more volume it is necessary, it is made, with a little weight the belt that it has seems uncomfortable and inadequate, I would love an evolution with a more comfortable belt and with side pockets

February 19, 2020

Not the same hip pack

I have a older version of this hip pack with a nice adjustable padded hip belt with little pockets to store power bars etc. New design falls short of the being a hip pack. There is a two adjustable waist strap/belt is 1.5 inches wide and unless your the millennium or teenager it will probably not fit around you waders especially if you have x layer... Read More for cold days steelhead fishing. So basically it's front pouch and not a hip pack. I see it gets 3.8 stars wondering if they are rating the old style. It use to be great hip pack especially in my pontoon boat. There is only one size the should probably include a belt extension.

Response from Patagonia
March 24, 2020

Hi Daniel! Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding the fit and style of this revision. We're really sorry it is not what you had expected. Your feedback has been passed along to the appropriate team. Don't hesitate to [return]( it once we're back up and running if you were looking to do so and haven't already.

January 16, 2020

Can work for DSLR sized cameras after all; weaker material between main and outer pocket

A small addition to my earlier review of 05/27/19: I found that putting a padded camera insert makes the hip pack structured enough to make it a very convenient way of carrying a DSLR sized camera and one or two lenses; the added structure makes the zipper opening a bit wider, and that means it's now easy to take the camera in and out of the b... Read Moreag. I use an insert of 27 x 21 x 13cm (width height depth, outside dimensions), and it fits a Sony RX10 iii with the lens facing down plus some accessories, but should also fit a DSLR and one or two lenses. With the padded insert in place there's not a whole lot of room left in the pack, but if all you're looking for is a way to carry a camera and lenses in a fully waterproof pack that is also convenient to access while on the move, the hip pack will do that for you. One minor negative point I noticed is that the material between the main compartment and the "water resistant" outer pocket is waterproof, but definitely not as burly as the outside of the pack; it is way thinner. Since the outer wall of the outer pocket is made of the same burly material as the rest of the pack, it makes no difference for the vulnerability to outside elements. However, this does make me a bit nervous to put keys or other sharp-ish objects in the outer pocket, for fear that they might puncture the wall between it and the main compartment, thereby undoing the water- and airtightness of the main compartment. Better to put those kind of items in the mesh pocket of the main compartment. The thin inner wall hasn't caused me any problems so far, but for peace of mind I would much prefer it to be constructed of the same material as the outside of the pack. Beyond that, no new findings to report. As expected, the burly nylon outer and zipper have held up well so far, despite some mistreatment.

September 16, 2019

Waist strap fail

One of the reviewers below noted the poor performance of the waist band when you use this as a utility pack. That's how I use it, to haul electronics and other high value items off and on small boats when guiding and working as a skipper for the Maine Island Trail.. Its my emergency grab bag. I don't use the shoulder strap, just rely on t... Read Morehe waist band. And I have had failures due to the waist band adjustment buckles slipping, a couple of times so that I almost dropped the load. I'll be putting some stitches into the waist band buckles but this is a serious failure in an otherwise fine product which I have dunk and spray tested it and the performance is great. but the waist band failure is very disappointing on an otherwise fine product. I don't know how the product designers missed this one. I would not recommend this to anyone who wants to primarily use it without the shoulder straps.

Response from Patagonia
September 26, 2019

Thanks so much for your detailed feedback!

August 16, 2019

Fly fishing customer

I loved this pack but if Patagonia were to make it again I would put a sturdy handle on the outside so when you have a rod in your hand you can hold the handle to zipper it closed. I would also put magnets on the top of the inside of the bag so you can have a work station for your flies. The last thing I would do is put sheep skin on the outside an... Read Mored inside to put flies on ( like a vest) for quick deposits and re-tye's .

August 10, 2019

Great Ditty Bag

Keeps all my boat necessary in one place. My kill switch lanyard, my two trolling motor remotes, my keys, my wallet and cash and my cell phone. Does a super job of protecting all of it and keeps me organized. Nice job Patagonia!!

July 20, 2019

Well Designed

I just saw and tried this bag at a flyfishing store after reading all the reviews below. It is designed perfectly as far as I'm concerned for "flyfishing". Don't know understand why people write such critical reviews of a bag that is not designed for what people are critiquing it for. Like going to a French restaurant and giving... Read More it negative marks cause the Chinese food in the restaurant is not good....hahaha. Anyways, like some of the other positive reviewers said, finally a bag that doesn't look and feel like your carrying around a box. I LOVE THE STRAPS particularly the way you eliminated those thick heavy padded parts that connect straps to the bag. I have a Simms bag and it so annoying and unnecessary to have this kind of strap set up...if you know what I mean. For me the whole point of this kind of waist bag for fishing is to carry something minimalistic, functional and with a low profile. Patagonia once again has achieved this concept for me. DEFINITELY do not go back to the old design !

May 27, 2019

Better than the competition, with room for improvement

First off, I don't use this pack for fishing. I use it as my day pack for travelling in third world countries in general, and their jungles in particular. So my needs are different than many of the reviewers here. I carry food, a small first aid kit, emergency layer of clothes, a small tablet, a charger, a powerbank and one or two compact ca... Read Moremeras in the bag, along with some documents. My goals for the pack are to: - get my "day trip" items and/or my "bug out bag" items through rivers and monsoon rains unscathed; - have easy access while wearing the pack, to the cameras in particular; - keep my hands free, my back reasonably cool, and at all times retain full stability; - be able to have the pack on the front of my torso when in areas where someone might want to steal from me; and - not look too conspicuously valuable. This pack is notably different from its predecessors and the competition (Simms, Fishpond). Those packs, and the previous model Stormfront hip pack, are more of a "box on top of a belt" design. This version is more as if the pack is an active part of the belt - or as someone else put it, a girdle. The bag is wider, taller and shallower than the alternatives. That means that the contents of the bag are also pressed pretty flat against your back. I personally love that, because it means that - despite the relatively thin and insignificant belt - the whole pack is incredibly stable as it sits in the small of your back. Ever since I almost got knocked off a mountainside by the contents of a bag swinging around my center of gravity, stability is paramount to me. Even with it loaded up quite heavily, I can jump up and down, run around, bend over and basically do whatever I want, without either the bag or its contents bouncing or shifting around. This, for me, was the main reason for getting this bag over the competition. Other pros (for my type of use) are: - truly waterproof, which is great if you have to cross rivers of unknown depth every twenty or thirty minutes - it isn't padded or structured, so doesn't look like a camera bag; in black or grey, it doesn't attract much attention at all - the belt is comfortable despite being thin, probably due to the main pack working as part of the belt. Even when loaded up quite heavily I didn't feel the need to use the shoulder strap (although see below at cons) - when trying not to look too "tech-y" in an urban environment, I often wear it diagonally across my shoulder, which works reasonably well as an alternative mode of carry. Some cons and things that could be improved for my use: - the buckle and other plastic parts that the belt runs through, don't grab the belt nearly tightly enough. It's okay when you're wearing the bag, but as soon as the belt isn't aligned with the buckles ( for instance when you're holding the bag in your hand by the belt instead of by grabbing the main pack), the belt runs through the buckles way too easily, so the next time you wear the pack, you need to adjust the belt all over again. It's relatively easy to fix by replacing the belt with a slightly thicker one, but that really shouldn't be necessary on an expensive bag by a quality brand like Patagonia. - Also, on one side the belt has a tendency to just slip through the buckle entirely, as the sewn folded end of the belt just isn't thick enough to be held by the buckle. This risks having the back just fall on the ground, and is, in my view, a significant design flaw unworthy of the brand. Again very easy to fix by simply folding the end of the belt one more time and sowing it, or getting the thicker belt and folding the ends properly, but I have to admit I was disappointed by this issue. It has required me to use the shoulder strap for safety, even though, for comfort and weight distribution purposes, it wasn't necessary. - the "side utility keepers" are vertically oriented. Maybe that's great for fishing purposes (I really wouldn't know), but for my purposes, horizontal would be much better. That'd allow me to lash a water bottle holder to it. - I'd love a bit more organizational options inside the main compartment. Right now there's only one small mesh panel. I'd love a large velcro patch on the opposite side, so you can velcro dividers etc to it. - As it is, both the interior mesh pocket and the front water-resistant pocket are juuust a little too small to stash the padded shoulder belt. Would be nice and tidy if that could be stored somewhere else than on the bottom of the bag Some points that aren't cons, but buyers should be aware of: - Due to the tall / wide / shallow design, the bag is just a bit too shallow to comfortably hold a DSLR / mirrorless with big lens / bridge camera with the lens pointing down. It can be done, but putting it in and taking it out are made a bit difficult by the fairly narrow opening of the zipper - especially if there's other stuff in the bag beyond the camera (an otherwise empty bag can flex enough to make it doable). A compact camera with the lens facing horizontally is no problem (Fuji X100 in my case). If you have one or more big cameras, the 20 liter sling pack might be more practical, although having a lot of weight on one shoulder doesn't sound appealing to me. - In hindsight I should've gone for the grey option instead of black. Grey is almost as inconspicuous as black, but is obviously easier to see in twilight, and doesn't get as hot in direct sunlight , which is nice when you have your lunch inside the bag. - A carry loop would be handy, especially since carrying the bag by the belt makes the belt run through the buckles. It's easy to make one from paracord and connect it to the D-rings for the shoulder strap though. All in all, I'm very happy with the bag, and I still think it suits my needs better than the competition - but the belt issues were quite a bummer. I've ordered a thicker, longer nylon belt to replace the factory one. I might run it all the way to the "side utility keepers" and attach it there, to create some compression straps and a place to attach my water bottle in one, as well as the security that the belt won't slip out of the buckle.

October 14, 2018

Hip pack

Good product but I can not understand why who tested it can not recognize that there are too much points were the line can get caught up with

September 28, 2018

Inferior to the 2016 model

This rendition of the Patagonia Stormfront Hip Pack is a regression from the 2016 model. Missing is the carry handle and padded hip belt and the addition of a net slot would have added more functionality to the product and made it competitive with similar offerings from companies like Fishpond and Simms. Come on Patagonia, you can do better than th... Read Moreis!

July 28, 2018

Great pack!

I love this pack! Keeps everything dry and holds all my guiding gear. With the from zip was waterproof or not on there.

July 26, 2018

Great day use bag

I've been using my bag for a 6 months now and Its lived up to all of my expectations. Built incredibly well, stylish and the perfect size to use as either a small day bag or just to keep all your essentials in. This bag has lived through me throwing it in the back of the truck, falling on it, a puppy and in one case me even using it as a buoya... Read Morency device when my waiters filled with water and sucked me downstream. The zipper is real stubborn and was bothering me before I used it to actually hold air in but since then I've been nothing but glad I had it. Previous styles of this bag had a nicer carry handle and waistbelt but those are not needed. It still fits comfortably and doesn't rub when your walking. If patigonia would be able to add more external compartments or "add ons" I would give a 5/5.

December 8, 2017

Different shape from previous version

Be warned that the current version is a different shape from the first taller and thinner. Wearing it is a bit like wearing a girdle due to its height and rigidity of the material and the padding. Overall I don't think this s an improvement,it doesn't work as well for carrying camera gear. Now regret trading in my first g... Read Moreen model and getting this one.

November 20, 2017

Please bring back the Carry handle that the 9L had

Patagonia Stormfront gear is the best out there. I've worn the hip packs in days long downpours,been submerged and crawled through brush trip after trip in these things - They're great packs and function as advertised. However...the new version eliminated the carry handle on the top and padded hip belt which are two of the most important ... Read Morefeatures,at least to me. Please bring back the Carry strap on top of the bag ( heavy duty one like the previous 9L verison had) that feature made this bag king of the packs! If this feature came back along with a net carry slot like the competition has this pack would be a timeless masterpiece. For now I'm searching to find the previous 9 L version.

October 28, 2017

I miss the carry handle and waist belt...

Just had this delivered yesterday. It'd be a huge understatement to say that I miss the carry handle and the comfy waist belt of the previous version of this pack.

September 30, 2017

Best Pack Out There

This waterproof bag works exceptionally well. I used it to store my phone and car keys during the hurricane. It's the only hip pack I use for when I go fishing to store all my wallet,phone,pliers,keys and the rest of my essentials.

July 15, 2017

Perfect for the flats

Bought this bone fishing in Bahamas. Perfect size for a day on the flats. Easily holds 2 Plano boxes,tippet/leaders,spare glasses and snacks.

January 30, 2017

The Real Deal

A super simple rugged and completely waterproof waist pack. I love waist packs but always end up wading deep. Of the options I've used and owned the true waterproof packs were a real pain to operate one handed roll down tops are time consuming and a pain and I hated having to use two hands to truly close zippered versions. The new zip on this ... Read Morething is amazing,when wearing the pack it's super easy to close or open one handed. In addition the pack stays close to the body,no bounce or leaning way from you. The super simple waist belt reduces weight and spins around the body easily. This thing is all function,zero gimmicks. I originally purchased it for winter steelhead but now I'm going to be using it for all my fishing year round.

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