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Patagonia Slope Runner Pack 8L

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Patagonia Slope Runner Pack 8L

True To Size
February 12, 2021

More colors

Hello! I actually have not purchased this. But I would love to if there are other colors available. Like pinks, purples, or a brighter blue. I want to trail hike/run with a vest but I need bright colors during the hunting season. I choose only to buy from places that produce ethically made clothing... thus, I'm waiting on this from patagonia! ... Read MoreLove you guys!! :)

January 17, 2021

great vest; pack gets swampy.

I love the vest and front pockets, and have no complaints there. My substantial complaints are about the pack and bladder (which, I believe, is not made by Patagonia). 1) The pack holds moisture like a little greenhouse. It is great that the innermost backpanel layer doesn't seem to get too waterlogged with sweat, but in my experience/opinion,... Read More the relatively moisture-impenetrable outer layer of the pack traps my evaporating sweat inside. Thus, gear that is not even in direct contact with my back gets damp or worse. I will concede that this impermeability has kept rain out in storms. An easy fix is to throw snacks, phone/headlamp, spare layers in a ultralight water-resistant stuff sack to keep them dry. This could be less of an issue if I were running in drier climates. 2) The bladder can be sloshy. I am not doing super long days, so I rarely fill the pack or the water bladder and it definitely has room to move around. 3) The bladder can occasionally be leaky. To be clear, it is leaking small amounts and I am not at risk of running out of water or soaking my shorts. After a year of using this bladder weekly in this pack (and others), I haven't entirely figured it out yet. Its possible to get water stuck in the fold-over closure (especially if you choose to squeeze air out the closure vs the tube); that little leftover water drips out. But once that has been cleaned up, leakage can still occur. The connector between hose and bladder seems to be source of this leakage. It occurs unpredictably - sometimes its totally fine. (This connector can also be fiendishly difficult to release and connect). By the time you are sweaty, you won't even notice. Overall, happy with the pack, glad to have potential to pack more as my distances get longer, like the aesthetic (no huge logos) and fit, and the overall Patagonia commitment to good gear with reduced impact. Go run!

January 1, 2021

Best Vest, But Durability Issues After 18 Months

First, I have been very, very pleased with my Slope Runner Vest. The clothing like fit, adjustability, and feature design has surpassed every other vest I have owned or tried. I have now used this vest for several hundred miles of running across the southeastern and western states. You can fit a surprising amount of gear and clothing into the two b... Read Moreack stretch storage areas and the flask pouches are positioned so I can drink without removing a hydrapak flask. Pair this with a Katadyn BeFree water filter and I have been able to go out on 30 - 50 mile runs unsupported and solo using this vest. This is the first vest I reach for when headed out on a weekend's long run. Now, let's address the durability issues. I have encountered two issues with my specific vest. One may be a design flaw and the other may be due to my usage. The flaw is the durability of the thin fabric material that backs the flask pockets in both shoulder straps. The edge of the included HydraPak soft flasks rub on the fabric in a way that eventually wears a hole through the fabric. This was not much of an issue as the holes started very small, but later they grew and occasionally led me to unknowingly insert the flask into the pouch mouth and then into the hole, which only leads to the hole getting bigger. For the shoulder strap with the zippered pocket, this hole passes straight into the pocket. This means that the flask contents can drip onto the pocket contents, like a phone. This "hot spot" where the bottle rubs on this delicate fabric will not likely lead to a situation needing a trail-side repair but if you get a new vest you may want to add a layer of tenacious tape or other material to protect against this rubbing. The second issue is the durability of stitching at the top of the shoulder where the backside pocket stretch material comes over the shoulder to a seam just above the shoulder pockets. This seam forms the mouth of the back storage area that contains the hanging zipper pocket and bladder area. This back pocket fabric has partially ripped out of the shoulder seam. I am not sure if this happened over time or was a specific incident of snaring on a branch or me being too forceful. If this spot continues to tear it would lead the entire back storage area to be open on one side of the vest and make it so you could not store anything in this back pocket. This is an issue that could necessitate a trail-side repair. I suspect both of these issues would reveal themselves over time in testing this first generation vest and can easily be addressed in subsequent models. I have not been able to test the Endurance Vest yet to see if it may be susceptible to these issues, but luckily both of these concerns can easily be addressed in the next-generation design. Again, I love this vest. I plan to repair this vest and continue to use it. For people who buy this vest now, add a durability patch into each pocket where the soft flask lid rubs and put a few more stitches into the seams across the shoulders. Then you will be bomber for the trail. Cheers, and thank you Patagonia for a wonderful first generation running vest. I hope to see stronger, lighter, and even better vest products from you in the future. I'd also love to test the Endurance vest if you have any laying around. Thank you!

September 18, 2020

Awesome pack if sized right!

I took this pack out on a 42-mile run, straight outta the box because that's really the best way to figure out if it'll work. I had 2L water and about 3000 calories of food, plus headlamp, phone, charger, rainjacket, first aid, etc. -- and everything fit great in the pack! I have a 5L Salomon that is my usual go-to, but it definitely woul... Read Mored not have held all of this stuff; and the other 12L pack I have is a bit too big, plus the pockets are just awful for trying to get into on the go. But the front pockets on the Slope Runner are big, deep and stretchy, and the back compartment is huge and easy for getting everything in and out. I also liked that it's super lightweight, breathable and how the straps easily cinch and clip together at the chest, especially when my fingers were cold or frozen in early morning. The only* downside -- I'm ordinarily a Small, but when my packs are loaded, I'll sometimes need to size up and so I got the Medium. But it's way too big and I couldn't get it tight enough so that the pack wouldn't bounce as I ran (and have it fit snug like a vest). I might even need an XS. I also think it could benefit from a third strap, or perhaps criss-crossing down the chest, versus two straps straight across. I want to see if I can exchange my M for a S or XS; but I might have to just give the M away and buy a smaller one. I think this pack could be my dream come true if I can get the right size!

Response from Patagonia
December 1, 2020

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this pack and giving great detail. All of our gear is covered by our Ironclad Guarantee and you're more than welcome to exchange that for one that will work. Just reach out to our customer service team.

September 10, 2020

Light, Balanced, Functional

Very similar vest pocket arrangement to other hydration vests. Material is light and stretchy, cords for closing vest are easy to adjust while running. Hydration pack system is easy to take in and out, stays secure. Would be nice to have a thermal sleeve for the water bladder and some tie downs inside, similar to those used to close the vest, to pr... Read Moreevent the bladder from moving to much when it is very full. The cell phone pocket BARELY fits an iPhone XR with a slim case on. I mean, fits, but under protest and is a pain in the butt to keep forcing in and out if you are using you phone to consult a map. This vest is super bitchin, a very useful piece of gear for longer trail runs or trail runs when you need to layer up or down! I havent had cause to use the trekking pole tie downs yet but they seem sturdy.

September 3, 2020

Super Comfortable and very versatile

Love this vest. It's super comfortable. Almost all other running vests rub and irritate my inner arms; this one doesn't rub and even if it did, it doesn't have any straps or other poor design choices that can scratch or irritate. It is a little warm due to its very close fit, but the thing that could use improvement is the tightening... Read More feature on the back pack; it doesn't get tight enough when the pack is empty. Also, the vest and colors looks much, much better in person than on the web.

September 2, 2020

Quality - but falls short

Active trail runner looking to try my first Patagonia hydration pack. Although it'll get used, it won't be a big part of the rotation. Pros: quality material, minimalist design, holding up well to wear so far after 50+ miles. Cons: tube seems short, not as as pictured, phone pocket too small for even small phone, difficult to get in and o... Read Moreut water flasks - just too small of opening, both chest clasps come undone easily, side pockets have too small opening to fit anything in these - wasted space, and the bladder has substantial bounce. It'll get used, but too many misses for me. But, enjoy my Patagonia gear overall.

September 1, 2020


I love the vest design. It sits well on my shoulders and chest and has the capacity to carry all I need for a long day or just a couple hours.

August 7, 2020

Just what I was hoping for

Fits great. Awesome pockets; fits just what you need as a minimalist style activity pack.

July 30, 2020

Exceptional Quality! Youre gonna wanna grab one

The materials used are airy, the hydration pack when filled with cool water rests on your back something necessary in Arizona. Everything is within reach & the back compartment fills as much as you can need when on the go

July 19, 2020

Okay Pack but a couple of design flaws just don't work.

The good: The fit of the pack, the materials are super light and durable. I use the front pockets to carry bear spray and soft water flasks. These are all features that are standard on running packs and I assume they are shared with the 4L version of this pack. Issues. The 8L packs is designed for longer days and harder efforts. I typically carry... Read More collapsable poles for these types of trips. I've tried carrying the poles in a number of configurations and they indefinitely cause the pack to kind of collapse vertically and eventually just bounce loose and fall off. The pole carry straps just don't work in my opinion. Also if the zipper is not fully aligned to one side the bouncing of the poles causes the pack to unzip, while you're running! This has happened a couple of times and I've almost lost the content of my pack before. It works slightly better if the pack is really full to hold the shape but that isn't very practical. The water bladder is pretty sloshy but that is probably to be expected. I don't really use it anymore and just use soft flasks. Also the cell phone pocket is designed for pretty small phones. iphone XR, 11 Pro or any Samsung phones aren't close to fitting in it. But it does fit snugly in the side pocket which is totally fine. One issue that does happen with this is if you have the screen facing in (toward your body) your sweat will cause a touch screen to activate continuously and almost always my phone is locked for 15 minutes after a run. Solution point the screen outwards and you're fine. Summary: If you don't need to carry poles this pack is probably good but if you do, look elsewhere.

Response from Patagonia
August 21, 2020

Hi Jeremiah, thanks for taking the time to write us such a detailed review! We truly appreciate this feedback as its critical to improving things for future seasons. We'll pass all of this along to our design crew. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed so you are always welcome to [return](

July 13, 2020

Lovely Running Pack

After a few early season hikes and runs in the Rainier area, I've really enjoyed this pack. The 2L reservoir is very nice to have on longer adventures and the carrying capacity can be expanded to ~3L or so if you add soft flasks in the front pockets. The first time you try this, the front pockets will likely be a bit tight to slide in a 500ml ... Read Moresoft flask without some forcing , but this problem went away for me after a few outings. The main compartment is plenty large enough for an outer layer and some snacks and even has a bit of stretch for overstuffing. I've not found similar issues as some others about trying to route the drinking tube - the loops on either side of the chest allow you to stow it when moving and easily remove one side if needed when stopping for a drink. Overall a great piece for longer adventures!

July 10, 2020

Lovely Running Pack

After a few early season hikes and runs in the Rainier area, I've really enjoyed this pack. The 2L reservoir is very nice to have on longer adventures and the carrying capacity can be expanded to ~3L or so if you add soft flasks in the front pockets. The first time you try this, the front pockets will likely be a bit tight to slide in a 500ml ... Read Moresoft flask without some forcing , but this problem went away for me after a few outings. The main compartment is plenty large enough for an outer layer and some snacks and even has a bit of stretch for overstuffing. I've not found similar issues as some others about trying to route the drinking tube - the loops on either side of the chest allow you to stow it when moving and easily remove one side if needed when stopping for a drink. Overall a great piece for longer adventures!

June 20, 2020

Great Pack

I am 5'11, 170 lbs and my chest (measuring under the arms) is 41". When I first tried on the medium it felt a little tight but I figured I'd give it a try and it turns out to be the perfect fit. The pack stays where it needs to be throughout a run. The phone pocket is great for easy access. The daisy chains are very easy to move to d... Read Moreifferent rungs or switch sides depending on left or right handed preference. The bladder does slosh a little, as expected. My only complaint is within the first mile of my first trail run with this pack, the threads holding the buckle that keeps the bladder up broke. Rather than sending it back to Patagonia for repairs I just sewed it back together myself and it has held up fine since. There is a ton of space in each of the pockets on the front and side straps as well as in the pack itself. You could remove the bladder entirely and throw some collapsible bottles up front if the bladder sloshing bothers you. All in all, the pack is extremely lightweight, breathable and I would highly recommend.

June 19, 2020

Secure Trail Runner for Miles and Miles

First I got one. Then I bought one for a dear friend's birthday. Beautifully designed, really well thought-out. Reservoir is structured compactly so as to minimize the bounce. Also its flat-fold opening is wide and makes it easy to fill, press out the air bubbles, close and later clean. The hose is easily removed; the mouthpiece perfect for dr... Read Moreinking. Pack structure is very comfortably and evenly distributed when snugly cinched, light and well-ventilated fabric. Good minimalist compression string-straps also reduce bounce. I love the SIX(!) accessible mesh pockets on the chest too. I just love this thing. Many thanks.

June 18, 2020

Happy Customer

I wear this all the time running, hiking, biking. Pretty much anytime I am outside I have this on. My only complaint is it fits everywhere, but my chest and tends to rub on my underarms, however being a woman and finding a product that completely fits never is easy.

June 18, 2020

Everything I was looking for

This pack has everything I need for a multi hour adventure. I really like that the pack does not have zippers for the pockets under the armpit area. Patagonia please take my advice and make the cell phone pocket about 1/4 wider at the top and waterproof. I did a little modification and made my cell phone pocket waterproof. One more thing add a whi... Read Morestle.

June 1, 2020

Great design let down by poor quality

Used once and the outside loop used to hang it fell apart. Repaired by Patagonia Hkg (great svc). Second time out the internal loop to hold the bladder broke. Sent back to Patagonia.

May 28, 2020

Great Vest

I have both sizes of vest. I like the bigger one for all day mountain trips. It fits well, doesn't chafe anything and fits snug to my body. The full bladder rides good and doesn't slosh around or move. The expanded size means I can carry all the water I need for 30 miles and have a jacket with extra food in the winter months. I dig it.

April 18, 2020

leaking water :(

I love Patagonia and all its products, but this one doesn't function 100%. The connection at the bottom of the bladder is leaking water constantly. I had to exchange the first one I got, but the second one has the same problem. it's leaking quite a lot. Other than that, it fits a bit smaller but firm and it is very practical. I still like... Read More it but not sure if I will keep it.

Response from Patagonia
April 21, 2020

Hi Ilker, we're so sorry to hear about the trouble you're experiencing with the Slope Runner Pack. Please feel free to return or exchange it under our Ironclad Guarantee,

January 29, 2020

Great running and speed-hiking pack

I normally hate running with anything on my back, hips, hands, you get the idea. This pack, even loaded with water, snacks, whatever knickknacks I need that day, etc. feels like it's not there. Which is exactly what I want. I loved it so much for my running that I decided to try it out for shorter, speed hikes. It excels at that too. I got the... Read More XS, which fits me perfectly (5'3", 110lbs), and one thing I want to highlight is that it doesn't dig in under the arms, in front of the arms, or across the chest, which is practically life changing.

December 11, 2019

Great hiking/running piece

Love this thing! Breatheable, can get it adjusted just right for different layering, and there's a surprising amount of room. Recently fit a full bladder, nano air, rain shell, phone, keys, wallet, earphones, nutbutters and knife on the trail and felt super comfy the whole time. Can't wait to put more miles on it

November 12, 2019

The only pack I’ll run with

I normally hate running with anything on my back but this pack is the exception. It sits perfectly on my torso and I find the 8L capacity to be the optimal size for the hydration system plus my wallet, a few snacks, and the occasional outer layer for colder climates. I’m 5-7 and 165lbs and the medium size fits perfectly (there is plenty of room for... Read More adjustment in the string and clasp system on the front to go smaller or bigger if needed). Additionally the hydration bladder is top notch. Overall a well designed and solidly built piece of kit.

October 10, 2019

Amazing pack. Hugs the body

Amazing pack. Hugs the body well without chaffing and runs well filled to the brim/empty.

August 19, 2019

Great So far and fits well.

This is my first trail running pack/vest. Primary reason I got one was to have easy access to bear spray while running. I typically run with bear spray in one of the front water bottle holders and a water flask (sold separately) in the other. It holds both of them stable. I opted for this one because size/weight wise this and the 4L were about the ... Read Moresame, the 8L just gives you the option to do bigger days as well.

August 16, 2019

Functional Trail Running Vest

Fits like a shirt. I use primary with 600 ml hydro flask in the front pockets. Large enough for essentials for wilderness runs.

August 11, 2019

Love it. Enables me to run in temps I couldn’t before

No real complaints. I use this pack primarily for trail running. It lets me run in hot summer temperatures that I couldn’t run in before. I fill the 2L bladder with ice then add water. As I run in 90+ degree temps the ice in the bladder feels good on my back while keeping me cool and the water cold. Over the course of the run the ice melts so I c... Read Morean drink everything in the bladder. It works out pretty well. My phone slips nicely into the pockets and the various cords can be tightened up to eliminate bouncing.

August 10, 2019

Functional, Easy to Use and Light Weight

This pack is perfect for short and long distance hikes and runs. My phone, with a case, zips in the front pocket and is easily accessible. I like having the hydration pack as well. The fabric stretches perfectly and I can fit a jacket, gloves, sunblock, etc. in without it getting too bulky. I also threw the pack in the wash and it cleaned up perfec... Read Moretly.

August 10, 2019

Hydration vest

Pockets are good but huge flaw are the chest strap closures which are hard, virtually impossible, to hitch or unhitch on the go, and very tedious even when standing. Worst design of any Patagonia article I own now. I’m looking for a home cooked fix. Maybe Patagonia has one?

July 28, 2019

Great, with some small cl

This pack is great compared to similar vests I've had in the past, with a few small complaints. First, I have used this on long training runs with and without a bladder and sometimes also with 2 500ml soft flasks in the front (WHY can I not buy the Patagonia-branded HydraPak flasks separately? I had to make do with similar ones that are Salomo... Read Moren-branded). Regarding the bladder, I did not have the sloshing problems that other reviewers are talking about. As long as the two black bands on the back are tightened, it's fine. I do think, though that it's a bit hard to find a good place to store the mouthpiece while running. After experimenting a bit, I just threaded it underneath the top fastener in the front. That worked fine. The side pockets are great for storing gels, and the zipper phone pocket in the front is fantastic. The pack is easy to put on and take off, and very easy to readjust a little while running if needed. I have used this pack for around 200km so far, and I haven't experienced any wear-and-tear problems. It's still in tip-top shape. A very small thing, but trail races often require that runners have an emergency whistle on hand. Other similar packs sometimes have built-in whistles (often on the fasteners on the front of the pack), and this one doesn't. I had to buy a whistle separately. This is a small thing, but just seems like a weird omission to me. In summary, quite satisfied, with a few small quibbles. I feel like Patagonia could make some small updates to this and have an absolutely perfect product.

Response from Patagonia
July 30, 2019

Thank you for the detailed review and we greatly appreciate those design comments. Product reviews are crucial to helping our designers know what's working and what's not and it helps our customers know what will work best for them, thank you for your contribution to our community. If you decide you are unsatisfied and would like [return](, please feel free to do so.

July 23, 2019

I really wanted to like this vest

I wanted to like this vest, but it has tons of little design issues and Patagonia can't / doesn't support the bladder. I'm 5'11 170 lbs and the medium fits me fine. It seemed snug when it arrived but it fits well. That, however, does not stop the bladder from bouncing around uncontrollably when I run. The pouch for the bladder s... Read Morehould be small - like just barely able to fit the full bladder. But it's not, it's huge and thus offers no help in minimizing the sloshing and bouncing. The outside pocket is nice, it fits my hat very well. The lashing is useless. I tried to use it to attached poles but the cord-stops are not strong enough to hold anything while running. If I lash my poles across the bottom of the pack, they bounce loose within the first 1/4 mile of running. If I try to lash them along the sides of the pack, the pack collapses in on itself as I tighten the cords (bad design). If I have someone else lash the poles along the sides while I'm wearing the pack, the poles bounce loose because of the weak clips. This pack is hot and it does not breathe. Packs are hot, I get that, but I find this one to be like wearing a furnace on your back. The little plastic clip that holds the bladder has not broken yet, but it does not look very sturdy. A Velcro loop seems like it would have been a better choice. The bladder tube is about a foot too long and there is no clip or tube management device included. I usually put a loop in the tube when I load the pack, but if that loop twists out I end up with the valve at my waist with no way to keep it from bouncing around. If you have a problem with the bladder or valve, Patagonia does not offer any support. My valve is defective and they can't offer a new valve. They might replace the entire vest, but that seems in complete conflict with Patagonia values of minimizing impact to the environment. I do not recommend this product and honestly, I've never been more disappointed with a Patagonia product.

Response from Patagonia
July 25, 2019

Sorry to hear that the pack has been a disappointment. You're welcome to [return]( it to a Patagonia-owned store or send it in for a refund or merchandise credit.

June 1, 2019

Better design than the last version, but pack fell apart after 4 runs

I wanted to like this pack. The design is much better than the last pack that Patagonia put out, with the exception of the sternum straps, which are a pain to hook/unhook at stops/aid stations. Unfortunately, the execution on this pack was just not there, and my pack fell apart after 4-5 runs. First run the loop that holds the bladder in place came... Read More apart and I had to stitch it back up to get the pack operational again. Then on the fourth run I noticed about 2" of seam on the lower lefthand portion of the vest had come completely apart.

May 29, 2019

Love it

I am really impressed with this pack. It is well designed and just forms to your body. I have been using it for all my runs and it is really nice on my longer trail runs. I have also even been using it when I have been taking my son on mountain bike rides and on hikes.

May 8, 2019

Slope runner 8l

Overall,super impressed as well as happy with the vest Could not give 5 stars due to no instructions on how to adjust sides The upper sternum strap connector comes undone when leaning over. Not sure if I should have ordered the x small as the measurements chart is really confusing. Although supplying a bladder is great,for those who them,I think gi... Read Moreving someone the option of bottles or bladder would be appreciated.. The upfront pocket system is awesome! Real pockets that can hold my phone.(note 9).One thing I really appreciate is that the front pockets, with the exception of the "hidden " one,have no zippers or velcro impeding access on the fly!

April 7, 2019

Fantastic pack! A few flaws

This pack is FANTASTIC! Patagonia have done a great job and it is now a complete go to for longer ultra marathons that require a lot of gear. The pockets are fantastic. The two front pockets comfortably each hold 600l bottles, a gel, and the phone pocket is a game changer. The side pockets are one of my favorite features. Easily fits plenty of gel... Read Mores. The back pocket holds lots of gear for mandatory races. I don't find it accessible while I'm wearing it. The fit of this pack is very good. I am a 5ft 11 140 pound woman and wear the XS. I do not need to cinch it WAY down to feel like it is tight enough, and there is literally no bounce. It feels very comfortable. The two bad things: there is no way this pack would function with a bladder. It contorts the entire back pocket to sit very uncomfortably on your back, and the bladder that is included caused the pack to bounce around majorly. I use 2 nathan bottles from a different pack in the front and this works very well for me, but it does come with a bladder not bottles. There is nowhere for the hose to comfortably loop. IMO this pack is not designed for bladder use. This doesn't really matter for me as I was looking for a pack that could house 2 big bottles at the front, with big bag pockets for gear. Just be wary! The only other quibble I have is that this back is NOT BREATHABLE. It creates a little furnace against your back! These two downsides are very minor for me and it's the best hydration vest I've ever used. I strongly suspect all women would need XS.

February 13, 2019


I’ve worn this vest on long run/hikes where I’ve used the bladder and two soft bottles up front and it works amazing. I’ve also worn it on shorter runs with just soft bottles up front and it feels amazing and you don’t feel the extra material in the back. This is an amazing pack and I highly recommend it.

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