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Patagonia Men's Stonycroft Hiking Pants - Regular

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Patagonia Men's Stonycroft Hiking Pants - Regular

True To Size
March 11, 2020

Scratchy Material

I thought these would be nice and soft like my Quandry pants. They are not. The material is very scratchy and irritable on my skin. I washed them twice to see if that would soften up the material. It did not. These pants were too uncomfortable for me to enjoy. I sent them back. The fit was good. The color was good. I am 5'10, 160 lbs, and orde... Read Morered the size 32.

February 28, 2020

Good Pants Overall

When I first put the Stonycroft Pants on after purchasing them, I thought, "Wow, these pants are super rough and uncomfortable on the inside against my legs." Fast forward about 30 minutes and the pants felt fine! I wore the pants the next day as well and the same thing happened: there was discomfort for about 10 minutes and then the pant... Read Mores felt fine. Now I wear these pants frequently and I don't notice the discomfort anymore. I've taken these pants hiking a few times on day trips and wear them at work frequently and they do their job well. In terms of water resistance, they are exactly what they claim. I've stayed dry every time I've worn these pants in a rainstorm (along with my Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket). Lastly, the built-in belt and pocket on the right thigh are two super neat additions to these pants. One other thing I want to mention is the pocket zippers! Some people love them, many people hate them (according to the reviews). All I have to say is that if you don't like zipper pockets, then don't get these pants! I do agree that the zippers can be aggressive on the hands, but they are also an interesting touch to these pants and useful in that you never have to worry about things falling out of your pockets!

February 26, 2020


Dont buy these pants. They have a fabric like a waterproof dry bag almost. Scratchy on the skin and sounds like youre wearing track pants from the 80s. I really wish I could return them but my wife took off the tags and threw them away. Looks like Im stuck with them but even after washing and drying theyre just as scratchy

Response from Patagonia
March 31, 2020

Sorry to hear the pants aren't a good fit for you, but we really appreciate the valuable feedback, Daniel! We'll be happy to [help]( you [return]( them to our main service center for merchandise credit or a refund under our [Ironclad Guarantee](

February 23, 2020

Runs small / feels like cardboard

I have the Crestview pants and absolutely love them! I beg you please put them out again. These pants I just purchased, waited almost two weeks for delivery, run tight on the waist and short on the length. Sorry this was a total mess. I will say I do appreciate the opening of the side pocket, excellent for when you are sitting and driving compared ... Read Moreto the horizontal zip the vertical zip is ideal I think.

Response from Patagonia
March 26, 2020

Hi Willoughby! We're sorry to hear you're disappointed with the fit and feel of these pants. Your feedback has been passed along to the appropriate team. Once we're back up and running again, don't hesitate to [return]( these if you were looking to do so but haven't already.

February 13, 2020

Not What I Expected

These pants are WAY more baggy and loose than they look in the picture. Maybe that's my fault, but I was expecting a slimmer adventure pant along the lines of the 686 Everywhere pant, but these were too parachute feeling around the legs. They seemed even too baggy to wear to work.

February 10, 2020

Awesome pants, so sad they are being discontinued!

If I knew these were being disco'd I'd have bought a bunch of them for my husband. He loves these pants for work. The patagonia workwear line is nice, but it's all too heavy for work in the tropics. These pants were by far the best one we found to keep him comfortable and sun protected. Going to hunt some down on Ebay now. :(

January 3, 2020

The perfect hiking pant

they move well with my massive hiking legs - check the weight is perfect for almost all weather - check breathe well - check they look just as good clean as they do with 10+ days of outside on them - check its my new favorite hiking pant

December 23, 2019

I love these pants

I bought 3 pairs - all black. I was looking for some nice black pants that are durable, fit well and look good. These are great. The only reason I give them 4 stars instead of 5, is they are cat hair magnets. I have 2 cats, and I have to use a pet roller on these pants constantly.

December 1, 2019

Great a year later

These pants have lasted me for over a year and half while still looking new. Some reviews have said they can be a tad tight and restrictive, just take that into account when you're ordering your pair and maybe go a size up. The water repellent coating has kept me dry in a lot of rain situations as well.

November 26, 2019

Perfect fit

Best fitting water resistant, comfortable pants.

November 23, 2019

Very good pants

Happy with my purchase they are what I expected.

November 20, 2019

Climbing pant kudos

I recently purchased your Stonycroft pants and absolutely love them. They work great under a harness, have really easy adjustment, and are super easy to move in while climbing. The zip-up pockets are an appreciated bonus and they’re definitely cool enough to wear anywhere and hang out in. Now if they’d only help me up that V4 project I’m working on... Read More.

October 27, 2019

Stonycroft Review

I wear a pair of Stonycroft pants for golf. Very comfortable and stand up to rainy conditions well in the Fall weather. The pockets work well for carrying all my golf stuff. I plan to buy a second pair

August 12, 2019

Close to Perfect for Those With Trim Physiques

I bought these for travel and hiking in warm/hot weather. The thin/breathable and stretchy material works well for this purpose and dries very fast overnight when washed. The slim fit is great for my trimmer physique (I am 125lbs. with a 29" waist) since a size 30" (the smallest size available) would normally be too big in my hips/thighs ... Read Moreand then the waist cinch adds the final fit customization I need (a belt alone doesn't always do the job for me). Finally the zippered pockets provide the security I was looking for. However the thigh pocket is poorly designed since it sits in front of your thigh where there's little room for much, whatever's in there sticks out like a sore thumb, and it then bangs against your thigh as you walk - note to Patagonia: I'd gladly pay a bit more for these pants if the thigh pocket were located on the side and with more room.

May 8, 2019

The fabric is too noisy

Style is OK. Would have preferred no zippers on the legs and a quieter fabric. These pants make a swoosh, swoosh sound with every step.

Response from Patagonia
May 29, 2019

Sorry to hear that the the pants have been a disappointment. You're welcome to [return]( them to a Patagonia-owned store or send it in for a refund or merchandise credit.

November 14, 2018

Size up, and you're good

I'm 5'7", around 137 lbs. I normally wear a 30" waist in pretty much everything, but based on some other Patagonia pants I've tried (unsuccessfully), I went with the 31 waist and they fit just right. I wanted some pants for travel that had lots of secure pockets and would be comfortable for sitting on a long flight, and goo... Read Mored for town or trail, and I think these will be great. As another review says, the fabric is a little noisy/rain pants-like, but not too bad. I'm hoping that will tone down over time--mine are brand new and I just washed them--they seem pretty "crispy". They look good--techy, minimal(I got black). I had mine tapered a little bit at a tailor--the legs are totally straight which, while good for going over boots I guess, looked almost "boot cut" to me when I have them on. I just prefer pants with a slight taper anyway, and it was a cheap mod.

June 25, 2018

Love the five zippered pockets!

I have bought five pairs of these pants in various colors. Pros: 1. Love the five zippered pockets,and where they are placed! The pocket on the thigh is large enough for my iPhone 7+ with small case. 2. I am an older guy,5'10',140 pounds,and the fit is perfect for me in the 32x32 Regular size. 31x32 Regular was a bit too snug,though tha... Read Moret's my usual size. 3. No drawstrings! 4. The slim fit is not baggy on my legs,but not tight-fitting either. 5. Water repellency 6. 40-UPF sun protection Cons: 1. Not quite as stretchy or as lightweight as my old Columbia Global Adventure pants. The Stonycrofts seem to stretch lengthwise a bit,but hardly at all widthwise. 2. The black color attracts dust very easily 3. I don't really use the extra built in plastic buckle,since I use a belt over it anyway. It beats a drawstring though. 4. The button hole was too small on two samples of the khaki pair. Instead of doing a second exchange for a third sample,a local seamstress just opened up the buttonhole for me. 5. The black color attracts dust easily. 6. The material has a 'rain pants' sound and feel to it. The cons do not outweigh the pros however. I am giving it five stars primarily because of the security offered by the five zippered pockets. No more lost items!

April 17, 2018

Good construction,restrictive fit

I like everything about these pants except they're too tight in the seat. The material binds and restricts motion making these pants uncomfortable to hike or climb in. They're almost perfect,but this is too much to overlook. PS I'm a very skinny dude and the waist (30") fits just fine. It's the cut that's bothersome.... Read More

April 16, 2018

Not ready for market, needs improvements

I really need some pants like these claim to be, "Performance hiking, travel and everyday pants, equally at home on or off the trail". Purchased one in khaki and one in black. There are some features that have merit, but overall the Stonycroft pants have serious flaws. Patagonia's product managers should go back to the drawing board... Read More. Pockets: These have five pockets, that's fine, but all with zippers. Overkill. A person uses their front pockets many many times in a day, and rubbing that zipper every time you go into your pants is not a benefit. If pants are solely for a specialize purpose, maybe full zips are fine, but these pants are advertised for everyday all round use. The right side pocket is a failure. The pant side seam angles strangely from the hip to almost on top of the foot, might be fine, but the side pocket is placed forward of that seam. Bad place, it results in a side pocket that rests on top of your leg and hits your knee cap. Not comfortable to carry anything large like a phone. A side pocket should be on the side, not the top of your leg. I really like the side seam angle pockets. If these pants are fixed, please keep that. Things in your pockets stay more at your side, and carry better than front patch pockets. The pocket material is great, good job. Just ditch the zips on those. The waist band. Failure. The pants actually have a 3/4" nylon webbing belt hidden inside the waist band, which ties into the button, which pulls in the center of the waist band. With some active use, this causes the left side of the waist band to fold over on itself, due to tension only in the center. Now the webbing has flipped over on itself inside the waist band, and I'm trying to unwind it, not easy. The button is also hard to undo because it has to go through the webbing. I find the fixed webbing waist not that comfortable. I tried these with a belt and shirt for a meeting. It sort of works, but is like using two belts, so overkill. And the pants only have 5 belt loops, not my favorite, would like 6 at least. And I don't understand 2 _" tall belt loops, when most belts are 1", largest Patagonia is 1.5" webbing. seems like 2 _" max would be better. The fabric could be better, and there is a very big difference between the khaki and black. Almost like two difference pants. Khaki is medium soft for a synthetic, acceptable, could be better if this pant is reinvented. But the black pair is very noisy, feels like a different fabric, more like a pair of rain pants. I weighed both, within 10g, so not that, its just a very different hand. Not in a good way. Sorry to be critical. The stated goal for these pants is excellent, there's a big market for a well made pair of pants that does what these claim. Patagonia just needs to match the product with the product goal.

April 9, 2018

do it all pants

I love these pants! I'm a sturdy 6'2" (188cm),235lb (102kg) guy who has a butt and built legs. These pants fits great. Unlike most brands,Patagonia does not vanity size its pants; so,I sized-up two inches from non-Patagonia pants to a 38" Stonycroft. The Stonycroft is a wonderful pant that is wonderfully comfortable,built to l... Read Moreast,and appropriately stylish. I wore the pants hiking,driving,around town,and to dinner while on a recent roadtrip. The zippered pockets are convenient,plus the adjustable waist comes in handy when you forget a belt.

March 2, 2018

Feedback on Stonycroft Fit

I just received two pairs of these in the mail,and after trying them on,have found that they are actually way too tight in the seat and thighs. The product description would have you believe otherwise. I'm a slender-muscular build (5'11" 170lbs),and I do fieldwork for a living. Nylon hiking pants are my preferred style. I ordered my ... Read Morenormal size (31 waist,32 inseam),but the seat/thigh area is way too tight. I would equate the feel of them to a skinny jean (which I can't wear). The features of the pants are great: the zipper pockets are sleek and the teeth of the zippers don't rub irritatingly against my hands; the gusseted crotch is major plus. Nice design overall,but the seat/thigh comfort is a real disappointment. I doubt they'll be comfortable enough to spend the day hiking several miles in; unless they stretch out in that seat/thigh area,which I don't think will happen due to the fact that they're a spandex-nylon blend. If you have larger-than-slender thighs,it might be wise to consider the zip-off version of these pants. In my experience,those styles tend to be more spacious through the seat/thigh.

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