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Patagonia Men's Rio Gallegos Waders - Regular

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Patagonia Men's Rio Gallegos Waders - Regular

True To Size
December 11, 2020

Great waders

I was not intending to purchase waders the day I bought these, but as I walked into the Patagonia store I saw that the "old" waders were on a great sale and I decided to have a look. The best thing I have done in a long time. Unfortunately Patagonia has moved on from the Rio Gallegos Waders which is a shame because they are bomb proof and... Read More they fit extremely well. I could not have asked for a better fit, even being 6' 4" and long limbed. The Regular Long size fits me like a very comfortable glove, they keep me warm and dry wading a cold NE river all day (in December) and they are as tough as nails. I could not be happier with the Rio Gallegos Waders. I would highly recommend these to friends, except they are no longer in production. Thank you Patagonia.

November 18, 2019

Rio Gallegos Waders

For anyone researching what size to get - I’m 5’11”- 188lbs. Shoes size 10.5. My jean sizes are usually around 32-34 waist/32 inseam. I went with the Regular/Medium and the fit is pretty good. Almost went with the Long- but am happy with the fit I got.

November 4, 2019

Rio Gallegos waders

Best right & left foot fit ever - not generic like 9-12. Medium wader is a stretchy 10M with room on either side scale. Overall 5 Stars.

October 31, 2019

best fly fishing wader on the market

durable, comfortable, tons of features. Im a professional guide who both works as an on the water guide and the owner of an outfitter. Ive been through them all. My first pair of these waders have lasted three full busy seasons of guiding (up and down creeks, in and out of boats, busting through briar patches and stream side vegetation, and hikin... Read Moreg through backcountry to get to a river) and are just now showing only a few pin holes and leaks at the seams which were quickly patched and should provide a few more seasons before replacing. I recommend these waders to my employees, friends, and customers. My reputation as a guide and outfitter is all I have and when I recommend a product it is always based on how that recommendation will reflect on me, rather than some deal or promotion that a company gave me. I feel very comfortable recommending these waders to anyone and everyone who asks. For the designers: First off. Great Job! If I had to make a critique, I would say that I could do with out the knee pads or they could be moved to the outside where they would not interfere with inevitable patching (all waders leak eventually) and could provide an extra level of protection in a high use and wear area.

October 16, 2019

Best waders ever

These by far are the best waders ever I have ever own and worn. They are super comfortable and very high quality. Thank you for a wonderful such a wonderful product.

October 7, 2019

Ms Rio Gallegos Waders. - Regular

These waders rock! I stayed dry after two 10 hr days on the Yakima River. The neoprene sock fit perfectly with no slippage or sliding down the foot. I had good movability and the knee pads came in handy when I took a spill tripping over some rocks in the river. I think I'll go with the zip front next time, just to simplify getting in and out o... Read Moref them just that much more. Great overall waders.

September 12, 2019

Steelheading Superstar!

All I can say is...Wow! I am amazed with these top shelf waders and their fit, finish and build quality. I am about 6'4", 200lbs and length was a big concern. I got the Large Long(large so I would be sure to have room for layering both up and down. First use was last February right when a crazy storm blew through on the Olympic Peninsula ... Read Moreand found myself in the Sol Duc River up to my waist, below freezing and snowing at times. I used a synthetic(very thin)base layer, then thicker, fleece tights over that, then the waders. Also used the fleece socks inside the booties. I was plenty warm and of course totally dry with excellent mobility. Just the right tool for crazy steelheaders who wade deep in cold water while it's snowing.

August 14, 2019

First real pair of waders.....mind blown!

These are fairly lightweight, fit well, booties are low volume and comfortable. I'm 6'5" 230lbs, the size Large - Long fits nicely.

August 10, 2019

First impressions: awesome.

Have had the chance to wear the Rios about 4 times now on the stream, and i really like them. Fit and materials are extremely good. I like the internal watertight pocket for a phone, and the front chest pocket is really convenient for stashing a fly box if you want to travel light. I am 5'8" and ordered a men's medium. Considered the... Read More short, but i think these were the right choice.

July 13, 2019

Best waders so far

First, i usually don’t write reviews but in this case, i thought it was worth writing about. Considering the price of these, you could bye a used car… But that being said, they are the best waders i’ve owned so far. This is my 5th pair. So i’ve seen a lot of brands. The best thing about these waders is the design. A lot of thinking went into this m... Read Moreodel. The side pocket are awesome for the water bottle. The front outside pocket is perfect for a pair of pliers and a fly box. So, if your a minimalist like me, you don’t need to bring a vest or a bag. Everything fits inside the waders. The inside pocket is awesome for your car key or cell. It is totally water proof and closes quickly. The booties are the best in waders i have ever seen. They fit perfectly. The suspenders system is way better thant the previous one (SST waders). The only problem i have are the sizing chart and the color. Why would you use dark grey for the colour? If you want to be stealthy, this is a stupid color choice. I would’ve prefered a tan or light olive color. Two black legs moving inside a small stream is easily spotted by the fish in my opinion. Same problem when sight fishing in flats…. We use light colour shirts, why would we use dark colored legs.? Lastly, the sizing chart is bananas! What the hell Patagonia... Are you selling Leggins or waders. I’m 6’ 2 and 165lbs, so i'm tall and skinny and usually fit medium with almost everything Patagonia, but the waders are way to small. Except if you wan’t to look like you’re wairing skinny jeans. I’ve returned the medium for a Large-Long and now everything is fine. A bit large at the chest, but i will take mobility over fit any day of the week. If you fish in cold weather, your need to size up to accomodate your jeans underneath. Anyway, i’m very impressed by these waders. I hope they last me a long time for fly fishing.

May 13, 2019

First pair of Waders

I just bought these Rio Gaellegos waders in a size medium short, I am 5'6" 175-180 lb, Stocky build . Size large in shoulders chest. I was looking at another popular brand in the same size but more in the 279.00 price range. I wasn't looking to spend this much but these just fit so much better on me and both shop techs have these and... Read More talked about the breathability benefits and appropriateness of the area I would be using them. I am not a guide, I am a total novice but will use on business trips to Alaska, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The shop guys suggested a better wader for worry free waterproof consistency since I will be traveling a lot when fishing vs in my back yard, in Denver. I am only giving 4 stars because I have never used them and this is really a fit rating based on my size. The quality is what you expect from Patagonia and I have recently decided, to buy less and better quality as a way to have less impact on my environment. Plus I know what kind of organizations the company supports. If I am gonna spend this kind of dough, it is something I thought about. I also bought the Ultra Light Wading Boot - sticky in size 10. I am a 8.5 - 9. These fit great, I have a little room with a thinner wool sock and neoprene booty, so will go with a thicker wool sock. I am headed to Bozeman for work today and then Cody, so I am fishing and working the next 3 days, will report back initial thoughts. Let's go fishing!

May 10, 2019

getting ready for the summer season

These waders look amazing. I never question Patagonia quality and these are no different. Look forward to many days of staying dry.

December 25, 2018

Ruined A Great Product

I had a LOT of days on my old first generation Rio Gallegos waders and was very happy with them. I second what others have said here about the sizing being way off on the second generation of Rio Gallegos. I love the new booties, but that is about it. The lack of a draw string on the very top and the excessive material up top to boot makes these th... Read Moreings like a wind sail. The lack of zippers to seal up the ends of the chest pockets is a huge oversight as well, great way for reel handles to catch or the end of an oar handle. It's as if they were designed by people who don't fish, for people who don't fish. I lost a lot of confidence in Patagonia with the redesign of these waders. What's up with that anyway, you couldn't even come up with a new name for a new product? Everything about these waders screams lazy.

December 13, 2018

Best waders made

Patagonia finally crafted the best waders on the market. I've used Patagonia waders since the old Watermaster days, when the waders were designed well but famously leaked after use. Those old waders were like Model-T Fords compared to the Rio Gallegos. The Gallegos waders are winter-water thick and warm, with nifty kneepads and perfect pocke... Read Morets. Honestly, I disliked the redesigned integrated suspender system, but now I cannot imagine using the clumsy clips and straps on old-style waders after a year on the water with the Rio Gallegos system. As a fishing guide on the White River in Arkansas, I know these are the best waders for my home waters. Perfectly engineered.

November 3, 2018

Nearly Perfect

Fit is great for my 5'10" 190 lbs. and 30" inseam. Can wear plenty of insulation underneath and still have room to move. What really is nice, moving into my seventh decade is the knee pads. Makes kneeling way easier on rocky ground. The suspension system is still the best I have used and the belt fits right where is should. Waiting f... Read Moreor five stars once i see how the durability is. Moving into winter fishing will be comfortable with these waders. Good job!

October 2, 2018

Solid waders, worth the money!

The Rio Gallegos waders are a huge improvement for me from the competitors Gore-Tex waders I used previously. The Rio Gallegos materials are slightly stiffer (good & bad) but the material seems to be wearing better. I am not catching on the briars and brush like I did with the competitors product ("S"). The knees have good shape and n... Read Moreo issues with movement. Like any wader you just need to find the right one for your body shape. I do wish the upper section of the wader was a tad smaller, but the extra space allows me to wear a fleece jacket or vest under it. No issues with leaks after the first year in the river. I’ve rinsed them off a few times and made sure any mud/crud was removed before packing them into their bag. The bootie shape was spot on for my size 10 foot (always check to make sure they work in your wading boots). These waders are not cheap, but in my opinion worth the extra $.

September 5, 2018

Worth every penny!

I've had these waders for two years and they are amazing. I live in Cordova, Alaska and this place has no shortage of water. I've worn the Rio's beach and river fishing, duck hunting and even on a moose hunt. Every time they work, stay dry and vent inner moisture with no problems. My last use was an all day moose hunt where I pounded... Read More miles of marsh and brush; no leaks, no scuffs and very comfortable. Fantastic product. I have the sticky rubber ultralight boots as well-same review.

August 21, 2018

Leaking after less then 12 days of use.

My wife purchased these waders for me as a gift last year. They were fine on a 10 day trip to Yellowstone last summer, but began leaking immediately the first day on this year's trip. Compared to my two old pair of Simms waders (one pair 20+yrs old) and still used by my grown grandsons, I am not at all impressed with the quality waders in term... Read Mores of keeping one dry, kind of why you buy waders right? The fit is good, and they are very easy to get on and off. The convertible feature is OK but the suspenders are awkward to use as they do not detach so you have to be careful to not have them end up snagged between your legs. Shipping the waders off to be repaired today, will see how good the iron clad warranty is.

July 31, 2018

Great Waders, one suggestion

These are great waders, all the right features in the right places. Good fit, good breathability, and tough, no leaks so far. The DWR is holding up well and makes the waders warmer in winter by keep more of the surface free of water film and reducing evaporative cooling. I am 68" 138# size 8.5 wide feet, and Mens Regular Small fits well, easy ... Read Moreto get on, and enough room in feet for really really thick socks for winter fishing. Please add a shock-cord drawstring at the top edge. This is even more helpful than a wading belt in limiting amount of water entry when I wade too deep, or take the inevitable swim. Swimming in filled waders is not so enjoyable! You already have a fabric tunnel. If you added four grommets, one lateral to each suspender in the front, and one on either side of the back suspender and you'd make it possible for us to thread our own shock cord. Many thanks!

March 9, 2018

Excellent waders

I've worked in streams and river for years and burned through many pairs of expensive waders from other reputable companies. I bought the Rio Gallegos Waders in September 2017 and have worn them quite a bit for work since then. I prefer the gravel guard on this model over other companies' waders. I think the inside clear rubber zip-loc p... Read Moreocket could be a bit larger,but otherwise I like the pockets. The suspender system is different than most other waders,which took me a while to get used to. Now I prefer it. These are heavy duty and are excellent 3 season waders (Fall,Winter,Spring) for most places. The waders are loose enough to wear layers and are ideal for cold water. The waders run large,the feet at tad small.

February 15, 2018

These could be the greatest... IF

First off,there is a lot of great things about these waders,they seem to be extremely well made,they have lots of creature comforts like the internal pockets on the sides,extra areas to attach tools and less bulky booties "both a pro and a con" than the original Rio Gallegos. They do however have a handful of things that I feel makes them... Read More inferior to the original Rio Gallegos waders,especially for guides and people who truly fish a lot. For starters,the new booties,they really are great,but I purposely bought a size larger Foot Tractor wading boot to fit the old Rio Gallegos waders I owned prior to these,now with these much thinner booties,my feet literally slide around inside my Foot Tractor wading boots "which are stellar boots FYI",I wear a size 11 street shoe,and have size 12 Foot Tractors,if you buy these waders,I suggest not upsizing your Foot Tractor wading boots as was necessary with the old booties. My second issue with these waders is the sizing,I have been wearing Patagonia waders for over 15 years and have been guiding even longer,all this time a size Large/Regular wader fit me perfectly,these new Rio Gallegos in the same size I have always worn are like wearing a giant flappy tarp,the groin and lower belly area has all this excess material that makes them look funky and after double checking the sizing chart and measuring myself again,according to Patagonia I have the proper size,but as I said,they are extremely baggy,to the point it's very annoying. The third and possibly biggest complaint I have with these waders is the fact the front exterior pocket does not zip closed on the ends,anyone whom has spent any significant amount of time rowing boats knows,one day when you least expect it,an oar handle is gonna catch on the opening to the pockets and if it's at the wrong time,it could actually lead to someone getting hurt or your boat hitting a boulder/tree,etc... It is as if no guides were used to test these waders,or at least no guides who row boats in tight conditions where you are pulling your oars in and out to go around obstacles,etc... So,that being said,if you row a lot,you may not want these waders,if you don't row,I just strongly advise you to try these waders on in store in a few different sizes to get a pair that doesn't look like a huge baggy tarp on you...

July 29, 2017

Great fit

I bought these for a trip to CO this summer. I was very comfortable all day even when it warmed up. The fit was perfect my old waders had too much material up top and through the middle section so they bunched up when I wore my wading belt. These are great! I will forever buy Patagonia waders.

July 27, 2017

BEST Wader Money Can Buy

Wader - perhaps the second biggest investment/cost,after the rod,for every fly-fisher. However,while rods may last long long time as long as we don't have accidents,waders will eventually wear out even with proper & normal uses. For fishing guides,this is a serious concern. A hard working guide can wear out one pair per season. Can we get... Read More by with ones with cheaper price tags?? With those pairs,comfort and fitness will be next concerns........... Also as professional,majority of guides wear waders as "work uniform". Rio Gallegos fits my budget then offers me ULTRA comfort. I felt so literally with the first touch as I stepped into the booties. As described,compared to booties from other brands,Patagonia's innovative anatomically correct booties fit like socks,really. This is very important when we are standing in the water for long time as water pressure will soon collapse "roomy" parts of booties and cause minor annoyance within boots. Special poly insulation keeps my feet comfy - warm but not sweaty. Shoulder straps are very innovative as well. At first I was slightly at a loss about how to get in and out as I've been used to straps with clicks. Now I don't have to click on or off,i.e.,I won't have to look for straps hanging in my back!! As a professional guide,I sincerely back up and recommend Rio Gallegos Waders for every angler. Along with Aluminum Bar Grip Boots,I'm totally covered!!

July 24, 2017

Excellent quality and practical design

I bought these a few weeks ago and I am very pleased. I have owned multiple pairs over the years. I'm a huge fan of all of your gear.

June 30, 2017

Love the look,functional item to change

I bought these waders for use on 10-20 day float trips where I'm rowing a boat for clients. After my first trip,there is one definite thing,I'd like to see change. The adjustment clip to make the straps slide is extremely annoying and painful when rowing in a seat with a backrest(nrs rowing frames). I guide remote floats in Bristol bay Al... Read Moreaska,among many other places in the state. Even when driving my sportjon.... I find myself having to lean forward to avoid the clip digging in my spine. Aside from that I love these waders. The look and fit is great,the built in knee pads are money when setting up tents and your air beds. I abuse my waders,and I feel these are up to the task,aside from other wader makers I won't mention. Patagonias customer service is the real reason I bought these. Hands down the best service. Would love to have a pair without that clip.

June 18, 2017

The best waders I have ever owned.

Great features - easy access waterproof pockets for camera,keys,etc. Additional pockets for odds and ends. The fit is well thought out - nothing pulls when casting,sitting,standing,or walking up the bank. With a pair of long johns underneath,you stay warm and dry on those cold,damp days. When it's 90 out,you can lower the uppers using a very c... Read Morelever clasp built into the suspenders. The sign of a great company is not just great products,but taking care of customers when something is not 100%. The first pair had a leak in the foot area after one use. Called customer service and Abbe took care of the problem with out any hassle. They even express shipped the replacement so I could have them for a planned fishing weekend. Thank you Abbe and all the folks at Patagonia!!!

May 6, 2017

2nd pair since 2012...Much better!

After sending my original Rio Gallegos,purchased in 2012,in for some minor repair and leak fix to get another good year of use out of them,I stepped up to a new set. They're awesome! Fit is much better,color is better so they look nicer,they seem sturdier and fit at the foot is better. I'm extremely pleased...only Patagonia gear for me on... Read More the river!

May 3, 2017

hope others have better luck

I bought these because I like Patagonia as a company and the quality of there apparel. Figured I spend 3 to 5 evenings in the river the chasing trout in Michigan these should be awesome. I hadn't even had these for a month and they started to leak at the seams. well its been a couple months now and i called to make sure aqua seal wouldn't... Read More void the warranty "it doesn't". well i get home a few days ago and my legs were just soaked. took the waders off to and all the seam tap is coming off. I wanna send them in but I heard bad things about the turn around time I do not wanna give up chasing a trophy brown when peak season is right around the corner. My buddy has the skeenas and they are doing the same exact thing coming apart at the seams. called and he has the older model of the skeenas and they told him they would repair and if not credit him what ever the lowest price they charged for them. Maybe they will be a great wader for someone else but I'm really hesitant to ever by any fly fishing gear from Patagonia now.

January 11, 2017

Great waders

This is the second pair I have owned and only replaced the old ones so I could have fresh material and use the old ones for back up.

January 11, 2017

Pleasantly Surprised

I had read the reviews of the current waders and the pervious ones; to say the least, I had some concerns. After fishing in these multiple times a week for the past 6 months during summer, fall, and extreme winter conditions I can say that I am really pleased with these waders. As a new guide, I take good care of all of the gear that I invest in, w... Read Moreith that said, these have taken the natural beating of bushwhacking, ankles wedged between rocks, hooks attaching to my legs, and so forth. I have been water tight through and through. I would prefer a 100% elastic system, like that of the Simms G3 Guides, it just provides easier entry and exit. With that said, I don't think that warrants 4 stars. The updated fit is nice, just enough room to layer up in winter conditions, without feeling restricted. All and all I am really pleased with my purchase and would do it again. Patagonia is a great company with an awesome brand culture, I don't necessarily agree with all their political positions, but I appreciate what they are trying to accomplish.

January 11, 2017

comfortable, warm, and dry!

The Rio Gallegos waders fit extremely well and keep me toasty while rowing down the river, and wading in Northern California chilly waters searching for chrome! I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a quality wader. Patagonia over the years has surely stepped up their wader game and their customer service is second to none!

December 16, 2016

Awesome Wader

I originally wanted the Zip-front Rio Gallegos however they were out of stock and I needed a replacement pair so I opted for these. I guide so I'm always on the water and demand a lot out of waders. I've tried most other brands through the years and usually end up disappointed. I'm 5'10" 165lbs. I ordered the ML as I like m... Read Moreore room in the boot foot to layer up socks. I have to say these are the most comfortable waders I've ever worn. They fit great,not too baggy or too tight,I'm able to layer up without loss of mobility. The extra room in the boot foot is superb as well. There are plenty of pockets and storage for what you should need (they are waders not a vest or sling pack) and even have room for a bottle of water on the sides if so inclined.The design of the straps is the best I've seen. I'm used to Zip-fronts so was a little skeptical,however they are really easy to get on/off and lower for when access is needed to pant pockets or when "nature calls". For durability they seem more rugged than any other I've worn and so far so good. We'll see how they hold up with a full season behind them.

December 1, 2016


I'm 5'10 and I have a size 10 foot,weigh 183 pounds and am big in the shoulders. I was originally going to buy the large,but based on other reviews,I choose to get the medium. Just received the waders and they seem good in both height and width around the chest. There is not a ton of room around the chest to store lots of gear but enough ... Read Moreroom to store some smaller items. I really like the more streamlined fit and there seems to be lots of mobility in the crotch and leg area. The booties seem to run a bit large but fit in my wading boots. Looks like another quality product and can't wait to get them out in the water. Would have given 5 stars but haven't tested them in the water yet!

November 21, 2016

Super Baggy

Super big and baggy. I followed the size chart very carefully and they are too wide in the chest and too long. They are not "less bulky than most brands" as it says on the size chart. Also,the suspender straps do not have buckles and can't be unclipped.

November 7, 2016

Baggie and leaky!

Leaked after 14 days of Alaska guiding....thumbs down!

September 27, 2016

Great fit,durable,and well designed

I've had my Rio Gallagos waders for close to 3 years now. This is my 7th pair of fishing waders from my 1st days of fly fishing some 35 years ago. Hands down these are the best wader's I have ever used or owned. They are so good I bought my son a pair 2 years ago and he also loves them. Size L Reg was perfect for me: 6 ft. and range betwe... Read Moreen 190 and 200 pounds. They are durable and reinforced in all the right places. The fit is true to advertised.

June 24, 2016

New 2016 Rio Waders = Awesome

My relationship with Patagonia waders started off a bit rocky... This was simply due to a faulty seam in my last pair of waders I had owned 2013 - 2015 model,Patagonia took care of me though. I have recently upgraded to the latest 2016 redesigned RIO's. Love them. I've got about 20 days on the river in them and I have zero complaints what... Read Moresoever. Deep wading is no concern,or for the warmer days I drop the top portion down to have air flow. I'm traditionally a 32 inch inseam,but the "shorts" fit me spot on with enough room to adjust the shoulder straps,kneeling and bushwhacking through summer grown trails along the rivers. 4 stars only because i've not had them long enough to give a full 5 yet! I'm a fan.

May 21, 2016

Guide's perspective

I am very pleased with the new Rio Gallegos waders,a big improvement over the previous model; more flexible,the feet are consistently sized (matched!),and very comfortable. I am a twenty year fly shop buyer and almost forty years as a fly fishing guide; obviously I have had the opportunity to try and buy many waders. The Rio Gallegos seem well made... Read More and study enough - I have a great deal of confidence in Patagonia products in general - I only have a few days in the waders,we'll see how these hold up. All of the built-in features are functional and well thought out. I particularly like the suspender design,allowing the chest section of the wader to be easily lowered. (It will still bunch up around the waist a bit.) I have withheld a star because though I am at the lower-middle end of the large size chart,the waders are still a little too roomy. I ordered them without trying them on and have decided that they will be ok,perhaps really good when I need to wear more warm clothes. I would suggest trying them on for sure,I put too much faith in the "updated with a new more trim upper body fit". I am a 42 chest,6ft. tall. I am very glad that I am the owner of another Patagonia product,they seem to be one of the more responsible outdoor companies. Thank You!

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