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Voice Your Choice

Voice Your Choice™ was conceived to encourage store customers to become better informed and more involved with environmental work in their communities. Through it, we are inviting folks to help determine how our 27 Patagonia-owned, North American stores spend part of their environmental grants budgets.

Once a year, each store receives $5,000 through Voice Your Choice to be divided among three pre-selected environmental groups. Representatives from each group visit the store to talk about their efforts. Store customers then vote for the group whose work resonated most with them.

Store managers count the votes. The top vote-getter in each store receives $2,500, the second highest $1,500, and the third $1,000. In 2009, customers cast 11,632 votes – a degree of participation that reinforces our conviction you care deeply about environmental issues and appreciate the opportunity to get involved.

The $135,000 that's allocated to Voice Your Choice represents only part of what our stores distribute annually in their communities, and a fraction of Patagonia’s overall environmental giving ($3.44 million in grants and in-kind services in fiscal year 2010, and $40 million since we first began our environmental giving).

Big thanks to everyone who's participated in the campaign. We appreciate your interest and are confident Voice Your Choice-grant recipients will put their dollars to good use for the benefit of the natural world.

Visit your nearest Patagonia store March 10-31, 2011 to learn about environmental groups working in your area and to cast your vote.