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Tell Us About Your Rad Dad – Score Him a Present from Patagonia

Tell Us About Your Rad Dad – Score Him a Present from Patagonia

Jun 15, 2010 June 15, 2010

LP east side hike Ever ridden in a backpack, surfed tandem, skied on a leash, been pulled up to the belay, sat on the handle bars or just had a downright radical experience with the helping hand of your Rad Dad? In celebration of Father's Day, we'd like to hear your story. We'll pick the best stories to post on our blog, The Cleanest Line, and stoke you and your Rad Dad each with a sweet Patagonia prize. Submit your story about your Rad Dad before Monday, June 21, to this e-mail address:

Pictures are also heartily encouraged and can be attached to your email. Submissions can be as long as you'd like (within reason – no novellas, please), but should be a minimum of 1 or 2 paragraphs. We'll publish our favorites on The Cleanest Line starting the week after Father's Day. Full contest guidelines are available in our "About" section.

PLEASE NOTE: While we do welcome stories from across the globe, we can only ship prizes within the United States.

We gag on legalese as much as you do, so we're doing our best to keep things simple. That said, please be sure to review the Submission Guidelines and Contest Rules here before sending us your story. Hit the jump to enjoy a few more pictures of some of Patagonia's rad dads in action.

[Brian Polley enjoys an east-side hike with the kids, Sierra Nevada. Photo: Lisa Polley]

LH sky screamin

Sky enjoys a taste of big air. Mom says, "My kids have a need for speed and big air. They absolutely love the park and could go all day long." Photo: Stuart Bjornlie

Dad's one of the best guys to see Yellowstone with. Photo: Lisa Polley

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