A film series about runners finding activism through sport.

Running is a powerful tool for activism. The act of traversing the planet’s most beautiful landscapes connects us to the places we run, reminds us of the importance of access and impels us to stand up and fight when these places and communities are threatened.
The Alto Maipo Hydropower Project

The Alto Maipo Hydropower Project was started in 2008, promising to supply renewable energy through two power plants on the upper part of the Maipo River in central Chile. This would require transferring the waters from one sub-basin to another through a 70km network of tunnels. This project threatens the water supply of Santiago’s 7.1 million residents, and despite countless threats, the environmental authority has ruled in favor of Alto Maipo, ignoring the public will and allowing the destruction to advance.

Now, with construction is in its final stretch, a group of NGOs and local organizations have presented a new legal action that questions Alto Maipo’s environmental permits, seeking to restart the sanctioning process against it and demanding its immediate closure.

This is a critical moment in which communities around the world can unite in rejecting Alto Maipo and demand the local authorities to protect the fragile and rich ecosystem of the Maipo Basin, forever.

Join the fight to protect the Maipo River Valley.

Email Chilean leaders to demand protection of the Maipo River Valley.
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